This is mostly about the power of growth, growth which has the ability to happen anywhere. It was also noticed by ancient rural people that weak things such as grass and babies, though vulnerable, still arrived in the world year after year.  Sometimes can mean overgrown thoughts and feelings that need cutting. Multiplicity, countlessness. The innumerable thoughts that can spring up. It can also link with pot.

By overgrown thoughts I mean that sometimes a person allows thoughts and speculation arising from lead the person to confusions and emotional pain. A woman I was talking to grew up in a family which led her t o constantly have to watch what was going on and not spoken about in the family. There was a hint of danger which made her constantly try to think about what the family would do, how it would effect her, would it lead to more emotional suffering – all which led her to create her own emotional suffering.

Long grass can be a hiding place, or a place where snakes and animals could hide. It is sometimes a scene for love in nature. For farmers long grass could mean a good harvest of hay. Long green grasses, sweeping meadows, or farms suggest peace or pastures of farmland.

Cutting grass and weeds:  Things have got out of hand and need attention.

Flattened grass: A sign of some activity taken place on it, people or animals on it, or a flood.

House lawns: The state of your home life or personal habits.

Long green new grass: Your growth sprouting up anew.

Example: I go to a young man’s table. I lay down on the grass in front of it and hug the grass lovingly. This is a way of telling him I understand and accept his beliefs. He responds by hugging the meadow grass on his side. We talk. He asks me out, says he’d take me to town if I wanted, after work. I accept, and confess I’d like to see some of the tourist thing like the Paul Bunyan monument.

Idioms: Grass is greener; grass grow under your feet; grass is greener on the other side of the fence; snake in the grass.


Useful Questions and Hints:

Is the grass green and healthy or dry suggesting something not growing?

What were the surroundings to the grass?

Was the grass marked by signs of activity?

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