This could be a sign of urges to hurt someone. It may also signify fear of being attacked and hurt by others, or a sense of inadequacy when facing aggression. For some people the gun relates to a sense of power and strength to meet the world. It is a confidence based on an exterior object. The gun can also represent aggressive or frightening sexuality.


-Laura Lynne Watson 2017-11-06 20:11:01

I had a dream last night that one of my managers were trying to shoot my other manager. The one that was trying to shoot him said he stole his loot & drugs(in the dream he worked for the Russian mob). The other manager I saw running down Broadway. As he got to the last crossway street the manager pulled out his gun to shoot him in the back, but I grabbed my gun & smacked him with it. My gun fell & broke & that’s when the one who was ready to shoot started to point it at me. I called the police (even tho in the dream I didn’t want them to get invovled) & the shooting manager was arrested. I remember I didn’t say anything about the other manager to them. I am curious as to what a broken gun might mean. I know when it broke I wasn’t scared, nor was I scared when the manager pointed his gun at me, I knew I would be alright

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