Because the hand is an extension of your power – to give, take, wound, heal, support or do. Sometimes it is hands we reach out to protect ourselves or others. With our hands we touch other people and the world around us. Also this is why people are handcuffed to take away their power. So can indicate those fears, feelings of guilt, self judgements, that restrict the freedom and expression of your innate wholeness and health.

Your dream may also use them to show how you attempt to control either your own self expression, but maybe also another person. Because handcuffs are now see in many films where they are used in sexual bondage, it may be that it indicates this in your dream.

These are usually seen in crime films or sex scenes, so may in some way depict either your desire to be made ineffective physically or feeling it is happening to you against your will, see if you can find the feeling of being made ineffective in daily life. If you are handcuffed with hands in front of your body, you are still in a position to be very dangerous if you care to – a quick bang on the throat can down anyone. If your hands are cuffed behind you – it doesn’t matter in dreams because it is your own feelings that create the dream image of being made a captive. So, start feeling like you are in charge of your emotions and nothing can keep you handcuffed. See Secrets of Power Dreaming

Example: When I rang his doorbell, instead of my ex boyfriend coming to the window, it was my brother and three other men who were all dressed as stereotypical ‘gay men’ leather pants, handcuffs etc lol……in real life, my ex accidentally set my budgie free which never returned, and I think my brother is ‘in the closet’.

Example: I am a small boy accompanying Jim. Jim has to arrest some big dude. When he finally finds this guy, he tries to twist the guy’s arm behind his back several times. The guy just laughs. Finally Jim offers to give the guy his gun – he hands it and the holster to the guy. At that point the guy surrenders and Jim is able to handcuff the guy’s hands behind his back. But not before finding a loaded, cocked pistol on the guy. “That was a very, very close call,” I think as I watch Jim lead the guy away. I am full of admiration for my brother’s courage in arresting the guy. I also think that I could never/I will never be able to do that.

Example: I had a dream that I was at a festival and while I was in a time share that was near the festival. A white man brought a Native American man and a white man handcuffed to each other in the home. The white man tried to escape by taking me hostage but the Native American male refuse to do it and fell on me to protect me. Then I looked at the Native American male whom was young and attractive and there was a mutual attraction. He then began to connect with the spirit world by chanting and after he chanted he gained the knowledge to take the handcuff off and run to the back yard to get away.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What were the handcuffs used for?

Did they take away power, arrest someone’s ability; for bondage or to control?

Where you wearing the handcuffs?

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