Harness Unharness

Directing our energy or potential; control; restraint.

The horse for instance depicts human instincts that have been harnessed or socialised for generations. It shows the enormous amount of potential energy we have if we harness our instincts and work with them. Working with it or harnessing it is best done with a certain amount of love and respect for the huge amount of us that is still and animal. See Levels of the Brain

People with strong sexual urges are potentially powerful healers and creators. Priests and nuns do not take vows of celibacy without good reason. Strong sex desires are actually desires not yet transformed, recognised and harnessed. If harnessed and used well they can be the basis for finding the direction or work that you will find most satisfaction and reward in.

A harness is a joint thing which combines your energy source with your consciousness and intelligence. As mentioned, it should be done with respect and love.

Example: Dreamt I went into a great square garden, something like allotments, but also a park. I entered from what seemed the base. A man rode by on a galloping white horse, passing to my right. As he passed I cried out some sort of stimulating calls to the horse. It galloped more energetically and the man was thrown off. The horse now galloped around the footpaths of the square. Each time it went passed I called out to it. It’s harness fell off. I walked to a square of houses in the top right of the big square. They were very old and seemed to have originally being an old convent.

The man exploring his dream says of it: From a negation of sexuality a release has been achieved. My attention is turned from the inner and outer world’s to the inner. The white horse – is the released life energy, being centred and rising to ones Core. Passing from left to right means it was repressed but is now released to consciousness.

The man – is the forces of restraint, moral, sexual, worldly activity, that I have been imposing on myself. These have been thrown off. Myself in the dream plays the part of my inquiring mind, my search for truth and wholeness. That I call to the horse means that my opening my being to the highest in me – good and bad – calls the force to free itself from forces of restraint – the harness. The small square – is the attitude of opening to the Highest, from which all the rest developed. It is old because it began in past lives. This was not necessarily as a woman, as the convent symbol might suggest. The convent represents the receptivity, the fertility or femininity of soul we offer to our potential. See

Asking more about sexual desire, the reply was given that outer sexual expression must not be overly indulged in if we wish to explore the inner world. Nor must it be repressed. It must be expressed in a way that will not interfere.

Unharness: To remove the restrictions or moral restraints from energies and desires. See: Horse.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Have you felt the wonder of the released energy coursing up your spine?

Is the harness to control or to unite you with the power?

What was the harness used for or doing in your dream?

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