This might suggest you find life difficult, and this is a compensatory dream. It might also be an intuition about life after death or a retreat from life, even a meeting with your religious concepts. A sense of heaven in a dream can be touching your own sense of harmony or integration. Being away from the pain or unhappiness of a terrible relationship or place or being in love or deeply happy and be shown as heaven. See: Mention of heaven and hell in spiritual life in dreams.

“The ancient mystery religions viewed the planets as a ladder or stairway to heaven that was travelled by the soul after death. The ruling god, or later the archangel or archon, of each planet corresponded to an aspect of the personality: love, power, anger (this is the origin of the ‘“Seven Deadly Sins” and the “Seven Virtues”)

That is an old pictorial way of explaining heaven. It does say that we each may go through a process of going through different levels of experience in ‘heaven’. But today’s view of heaven and hell are that they are self created by the way we live and what we do with the energy of life we all have. We can make of it a hell of remorse, bitterness, sacrificing others for our own good, living only a life based on greed or a life based on the fact that we are all part of the web of life and in doing so find lasting satisfaction. See Summing Up

We can go through the levels while still living in the body by a process of maturing by learning from what our life presents us with – the good and the bad are all learning experiences. See Life’s Little Secrets

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