This probably refers to the sort of response we sometimes have of being easily hurt by situations or peoples remarks or actions. It could also mean we feel someone we know is very prickly or easily offended or irritated. or memories which create pain or irritation. Sometimes it illustates a vulnerable part of oneself which easily withdraws, but can react by hurting others.

But in fiction hedgehogs are often depicted as rather forgetful and rural characters who are slightly short-sighted and having a very personal view of the world.

Example: I stood on a mini hedgehog and got spikes stuck in the bottom of my foot. I pulled them out and put the hedgehog on the sofa. Then I sat on the sofa to recover from the spikes in my foot, and got spikes in my buttock. There was no real pain. I just wanted the spikes not to be a part of me. Can you interpret this?

There is a real clue in your phrase – I want the spikes not to be a part of me. Something is irritating you. It causes you  not to be as active or mobile in exterior activities, maybe even relationships. It also has the effect of you not being able to relax as much as you need – thus the spines in the bottom. I don’t know where these old memories or irritations arose from. But as you call this a mini hedgehog, it may have originated from when you were yourself a mini human being. To get a hold on those spines, ask yourself what minor irritations are causing you not to relax or get about, and pluck them out of your life.

Example: As Joe and I turned a corner I saw something on the path. At first I didn’t recognise it. Then I realised it was a hedgehog giving birth. Perhaps at first I thought the hedgehog was dead. I pointed it out to Joe and we stood watching it. I warned him not to get to close because he took a step toward the hedgehog and I could see it trying to move away in apprehension. I wondered what Joe made of this sight of something so fundamental. I felt it was something important for him to see. An important experience.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Am I feeling a need to withdraw from being in contact with others?

Is someone, or am I, being ‘prickly’ or easily irritated?

What defences do I use to protect myself?

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-Lily 2017-11-19 10:18:42

I dreamt that I was walking through, what I think is my mum’s house.
I see these little pregnant hedgehogs everywhere and there is someone beside me (unknown) telling me that one hedgehog asked for me in particular.
In return I say “She trusts me.”
When I get to her she is on my mothers dining table and she smiles, then pops a baby out. The baby falls to the floor and I quickly pick it up.
I then move mother and baby to somewhere safer (and not quite as high.)
The dream goes on where I have two small hampsters living in a chair at the bottom of my own block of flats and I see my neighbour passing me. But I am most confused by the hedgehog part of this dream.

What on Earth does this mean? Are you as confused as I am?

-Gianni 2016-09-01 16:06:59

My dream was…my wife bought a big African hedhog with 40 cm spikes…it was a lovely pet but as it came to me to give me joy as a dog…the spines stuck every were in my body..my head,face ,chest,arms.legs..I could feel the pain when I took each one of them real pain..but it was a very loving pet..like a dog acts but a huge African hedhog which I don’t know what is called…can you pls explain my dream…thanks …Gianni

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