Like any aircraft it is about the adventure and uncertainty of flight. See airplane.

But a helicopter is a particular type of experience, and can represent many things depending on the rest of the dream. It can be a way of escaping from difficult feelings, or saving people, or an attack vehicle, or, most important, a way of having a much wider awareness of your life and situation. It can be an eye in the sky and hover and land where no airplane could, so it is about manoeuvrability. The following example show some of these different meanings.

I would stand at the top of the stairs and instead of walking down the stairs I used to fly. This dream lasted for a numbe

r of years and as I got older I sometimes dreamed that boys or men were chasing me. I would suddenly take off like a helicopter and fly away. Sometimes narrowly escaping from my pursuer.

Example: ‘ I often dreamed I was being chased by boys or men. I would suddenly take off like a helicopter and fly away. Sometimes narrowly escaping from my pursuer.’ M.C

Example: I’m watching a film or tape taken from a helicopter, I suppose, of a city skyscraper all the way up to the roof where a singer – maybe an opera singer – is performing, singing to the sky in an evening dress. The “camera” passes over her and continues, showing the tops of other high buildings. Now I’m in a car on a hill – it’s night, been night all along – and I’m crying because I’m afraid to go up that high. I couldn’t do what the singer was doing. The person I’m with hugs and consoles me. Alta

Here Alta is meeting her own fears and recognises them as factors that limit how ‘high’ she can go in life.

I am walking out of a house which sits embedded in a huge mountain. I see a helicopter coming and know that it is going to pick me up and swoop me away into the air. I hurriedly place some old lawn chairs and some fake trees on the lawn to prevent it from landing. I know that my preparations are fruitless and that it will land one way or another. It will fly me through the air and dump me in a Girl Scout camp away over the water. I despair as fighting it is totally useless.

In exploring her dream she said: I am a helicopter owned by the armed forces, and I am large, strong and powerful, totally made of steel. Nothing can shoot me down as I manipulate quickly in the air. I never break down. There is no way to stop me once I am on purpose and have the mission computed into my mechanical system. Enjoy the ride, lady! I will dump you in a Girl Scout camp, and you will get to play with the little girls.

Dream Ego: But I am a grown woman, and I don’t want to go to a little girls’ camp. I am not a little girl.

Masculine in this dream is represented by the helicopter, a powerful war machine owned by the armed forces, and it seems inexorable in its purposes. The abduction, it seems, cannot be avoided, although the result is to isolate the dream ego in a camp for little girls. Abduction by the Ghostly Lover does in fact keep women young, girlish, and unknowing in the ways of existing in a realistic adult relationship. Although dream ego despairs of her fate, she feels totally helpless to escape the abduction. Women often feel they must fight the combined armed forces of the patriarchy in defining their womanhood in other than child-like ways, and often it does seem hopeless. Women are relegated to Girl Scout camps, earning merit badges, and being schooled in the ways of traditional womanhood. And, although the terrain may be lovely and close to nature, we essentially get closed out of the training culturally agreed upon as forms of power deemed important by the society. Quoted from The Sundance  Magazine.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Am I in a helicopter or watching  it?

What do I feel about what I see?

Am I trying to escape from something or saving something?

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-Azka 2017-12-16 5:34:10

I saw I was on the rooftop of my old home and saw a helicopter which was taking someone fleeing from the police. Then I sawcit getting stuck with the string of a kite in the sky and catching fire. It did not fall but fire was huge

-joey morales 2015-10-24 15:10:37


Please help interpret this dream:

I was outside with a few people, where I notice a spectator with his phone out recording. So then we see this helicopter hovering over us in one spot. A man in a yellow shirt has his body out of the helicopter yelling at us. I think he was being rude so I9274899996315537184265
Thank you!

Joey Morales#

-Chit Guinoo 2014-12-13 23:29:51

I just want to thank this site for all dream interpretations. I dreamed about a helecopter that landed very near our house. There was an airforce man on it and he told me about where his mom resides. He entered our house and we talked about his parents. He asked me to keep his two, big rings. I was asking him why he is single and he was keeping a wedding like rings. He said, he just like it. After staying for a little linger, he asked permission to leave and i saw the helecopter flew in the sky.

    -Tony Crisp 2014-12-14 11:06:50

    Chit – I think your dream is about your search for an wonderful man who magically arrives from the sky and offers you rings and talks to your mum as well.

    What can you do, well you can realise that we all have very powerful instincts – take the moth who flies to the light and often gets killed. The moth can’t help it, but you can realise that it is a instinct that drives a lot women crazy – and a lot of men too.

    If you are aware of it as an instinct and you get caught up in the first love be very aware and take your time. Also see http://dreamhawk.com/relationship-sex/beware-of-love/

    But love is natural and beautiful as well. By the way, your helicopter guy is considerate, well mannered and so keep looking for such a guy.


-phyllis 2013-12-12 16:49:06

I love this site and have often used it. It has helped me understand things I never could.

I dreamed I was outdoors and looking up into the sky and saw planes and helicopters flying all around. The planes and helicopters were various shapes and made out of various materials.

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