Hero Heroine

If you are not the hero/ine of your own dream, you are probably still not accepting responsibility for all your own drives, potentials and weaknesses.

Professional players are also heroes for some people or a role model.

The hero/ine frequently depicts your initiative and unexpressed potential. We might see your highest ideals as coming from an exterior figure such as Christ, and so miss touching the depths of your own being, and avoid responsibility for your urges or actions.

What happens to the hero/ine shows how your creativity and expressed love fare. See: archetype of the ideal Christ; archetype of the hero/ine and archetype of the self; compensation theory; religion and dreams.

The story of the birth of Christ, of Buddha or of any holy person, is actually the story of your own birth. We are all the children of that great creative act – the Big Bang. I know science talks about it in a materialistic way, but dreams see it as the creation of all that exists, and it is holy and full of wonder. See Summing Up

This suggests that we are all the heroine or hero of our own life. We all are the source of all the great myths, we are all undertaking the great Odyssey – for were we not the one who faced the enormous and threatening journey of conception and birth, often lost in the mists of time? Do we not face life and death daily? Do we run and hide from the threats and fears or do we realise who we are and meet life and death until we rise triumphant?


Useful Questions and Hints:

Can I face responsibility for my own actions or do I choose to blame others?

Do I have a sense that I am special or have something special to do in life?

Can I as a person live some heroism in my daily life and relationships?

What are the life challenges, inwardly and outwardly, that I face?

Can I define them and look at my strategy to deal with them?

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