Ice Cream

Ice cream, especially for young people, often has the association of being with friends, sociability and sharing relaxed pleasure, maybe family time. Ice cream can depict childlike desires for sweet things. Young girls especially seem to crave such things, and as adults sometimes we still return to those feelings. Ice-cream can occasionally be word play meaning ‘I scream’. Because ice cream is frozen but sensually pleasurable, it very occasionally points to feelings that were frozen, perhaps repressed, that are now being released or melted. See: cream.

 Example: Ellie lies down and I am dragging her. I ask her to get up and pull her own weight. Someone mentions ice cream and cake. I ask them not to eat it. They’ll get fat; it’s no good for them.

Example: Dr. Hadfield tells the story of an amorous young woman who had spent all day serving ice cream at a fete. That night while dreaming, she talked in her sleep, ‘No, I have no more cornets,’ she said, ‘but I can let you have a trombone!’ The in and out movement of the instrument suggests what may have been on her mind.


Useful Questions and Hints:

What are you doing with the ice cream?

are you eating it, buying it, refusing it?

Do you get pleasure from ice cream or do you avoid it?

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-Cara 2017-02-05 16:33:35

I had a dream that my mom and I opened an icecream store and i cant find ANYWHERE wgat that could mean could i get some help?

-BC 2015-06-13 11:04:16

I have walked into a room full of cakes. The cakes are of different varieties, huge, delectable, indulgent, and tempting. I am able to walk away. But, as I am about to leave, I see this box of ice cream. It has a beautiful woman on the label. Her name is Scarlet. I cannot resist. I open the container with huge spoon in hand and indulge.

-Krysia 2015-06-13 10:28:56

I am having ice cream with Churchill .it is D’s birthday and we are sitting at table. There are 3 flavours. Churchill &I both favor rum and raisin. I put my hand on his plump hand and tell him how honoured I am to meet him. It is all very amiable. D is with us but very much in the background tho it is his bday. Comments?

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