Being cold emotionally or sexually. It depicts what is meant by the term cold shoulder, where we shut off any display of warmth or compassion. It also therefore shows the dreamer as having ‘frozen assets’ in a personal sense. But often it means that the dreamer has shut off a part of themselves in a sort of cold storage – a freezer. Maybe suggests frigidity. Or the congealing, deadening effect of ice or snow on the intellect when it operates on its own without being related to ones feelings or to an active life. See: ColdGlacier.

Are you frozen in beliefs you cannot or shouldn’t do what you really feel under the ice?

Using ice cubes could be a way of slowing down ones hot passions or calming ones anxieties that burn in you, a way of cooling down or keeping cool.

Body locked in ice, perhaps dead: Deadening of all our feeling reactions and enjoyment or motivation.

A hole in the ice: Is the ability to see the eternal, the cosmic ocean of Life, through the hole. This whole is a subtle play on the hole in self one can look through to the eternal. It is a hole made by melting ones past and pain etc frozen in the unconscious. But the hole also means that as one’s past problems melt, a wholeness occurs through which one is aware of the ocean of cosmic Life flowing through one.

Icicle: Frozen male sexual feelings.

Iceberg: Similar to ice, but may suggest frozen potential. It is being aware of aspects of yourself remaining unconscious or frozen in unconsciousness.

Parking place filled with ice and snow: It suggests that you are finding it difficult to find your place in life because you have not faced or released you talents, fears or truamas, because they are still frozen in being unconscious. Maybe your attitudes are frozen and inflexible and so you cannot access your potential.

Thawing ice: Can suggest a change in the way you feel – a cold attitude towards warmth. This could also be a release of emotions and old fears and love.

Thin ice: An uncertain situation. You are doing something that you should be aware of and it will not support you in what you are doing. Your attitudes and principles you are living by are not based upon what will support you.

 Example: I am visiting a country, probably Iceland. It’s nearing the spring there. I must walk across the ice floor. It’s dangerous. If I step on the wrong part, I’ll slip in. Guards come with me to hold on to me and point the way. They place cardboards and pillows when I should step. I tell them, “My balance isn’t good because of my ankles.” Off we go. I nearly fall in several times. We get to the side where I sit in a chair at a table. It is sitting on the ice!

The dream seems to be a play on the saying walking on thin ice.

 Example: There’s solid ice and snow all around. Everything is solid white. I’m blinded by the white ice and snow, I feel cold, I’m shivering and I think I’m close to death. Then all of a sudden a huge hand reaches out and grabs me. I recognize the hand. I stare at it for a few minutes. Then I grab the hand. I recognize the hand as the man I have just started to date. What does this dream mean? I’m confused about my relationship with this man, confused about my feelings.

The dream illustrates this shift of temperature and also the conflict and death of love or feelings that can be associated with coldness. But the shift in the woman’s feelings when she contacts a man.


Idioms: Break the ice; cut no ice; put on ice; tread on thin ice. See: cold.


Useful Questions and Hints:

Have I ever given anyone the cold shoulder or acted coldly?

What aspect of ice was my dream showing?

Could I in any way thaw the situation?

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