Immaculate Conception

The dream of becoming pregnant from a light, a glowing bolt, or a spirit, often occurs. This shows you being in a state of mind in which you have dropped rigid ideas, or ‘preconceptions’ and been open to the mystery of life. This is in fact your potential, and the pregnancy is the process of giving birth to a new type of awareness or approach to life. Sometimes we deny or neglect the new child and it miscarries or passes away. But such a child is often miraculously tenacious.

The conception is immaculate, or virginal, because your state of mind is without pre-conceptions. See: conception; pregnancy.

When you manage to let go of what you think God or Life is, what you believe yourself to be, or what you are convinced is so about yourself and the world, then you are ready to receive something new.  Then, that divine conception can take place in you that enables that which exists beyond the barriers and boundaries of your own ego to gain a foothold in you.  Then you become pregnant with new life and eventually give birth to the More of yourself in the way you live and act. This conception and the following birth will become known to you in some way.  It will be felt, or maybe shown to you in a dream.

Deep within us, when we have opened to Life as a virgin, in the cellar or cave of our unconscious, among the beasts of our instincts, and physical energies, the New Life tentatively begins its growth to consciousness, to birth. The star and the stable are the highest and the lowest in us uniting in this wonderful task.

 Example: I am a male and dreamt I was lying in a cellar. I was myself, yet at the same time, I was my wife and another woman I loved. I was in labour, and after a time the baby was born. It was a boy, a wonderful child. The membrane covered part of its face and I pulled it away. The baby then began to breathe, and looked about, fully conscious and very alert. Then, to my wonder, it spoke the name of Jesus, and said, ‘It is gone’.

When asked what was gone, the beautiful baby replied, “The other ego, where has it gone?” I seemed to know exactly what it meant. The baby had been part of the cosmic awareness, of universal consciousness, and was now but a babe; and I said, “The cosmic still exists within you, to become known as you grow”. I then carried the baby from the cellar upstairs, and knew it to be a holy and wonderful child.


Useful Questions and Hints:

Did the baby speak soon as it was born?

Have you prepared the way for this to happen?

Are you aware that a new phase of your life has begun?

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