An accepted idea or attitude that does not agree with you. The inability to stomach something. Or may be actual indigestion. Something you have taken in, perhaps something said to you, that you did not see at the time was a poisonous remark.

Are you ignoring you ‘gut instincts’ and thus causing you to dreams of indigestion? So conflict about love can cause indigestion.

 Example: The words then came, “Eat not.” I have a strong feeling this was the forbidden apple, and in some old way, this was why I had not been able to eat apples lightly, because for the past few months, if I ate apples I suffered strong acid indigestion. Something seems wrong with my digestive system anyway, as I have had acid indigestion, pains, and now piles. I felt, though, that the apples could now beaten, and have in fact being able to eat them without ill effects since this session. The indigestion was caused by being offered and apple one day by a woman I was in love with but had a tremendous conflict because I was married. Realizing the connection rid me of indigestion whenever I ate an apple.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Did I experience indigestion or was it just mentioned in my dream?

What did the dream point out about indigestion?

Have I had a conflict about something?

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