Inject Injection

Feeling other people’s opinions or will forced on you and influencing one; internal influence of something exterior; social pressure to conform or be obedient; sexual intercourse, or influences taken in during sexual relationship. There is often sexual meaning involved, so it could be simple sex, forced sex, or influences taken in during sexual relationship.

 Injection of snakes venom can mean the poison you inject into your own system from destructive emotions and thoughts – such as fear, hatred, malice, wanting to kill or even jealousy. See Norman Cousins

 Maybe someone has been injecting malicious talk or ideas into you, and you could feel it. Such ideas are poisonous if taken seriously, but quite harmless if you see where the poison is coming from and why they are doing it. It is usually a person who wants what you have or is dangerous. So look around and see where the poison is coming from.

 Example: Someone holds me down and gives me an injection.  I fall asleep and wake up…looking for help.  A dark figure comes to me and asks what happened…I do not know. Next I am looking into the mouth of a black whale (which dwarfs me).  It seems to have tonsils shaped like a white heart.

Moby Dick is about a tremendous fight for control by the human ego and the enormous Life Will. But your meeting with the whale is fine, and it is saying it loves you. In fact it is a classic symbol of the unconscious, and it is fine to allow yourself to enter it unless you are frightened of it. If you do it will be the beginning of a amazing journey.

The injection is a way of saying that your conscious self, your ego, will be knocked out. So it is another way of entering the Life Will or unconscious. Then you are in the dark, and meet a dark figure – all signs of things arising from the unconscious. The gates are representing “A threshold, like that between conscious self awareness and our total experience – such a gate needs to open and close.”  See The Life Will 

Injection can also refer to a male penis being inserted, so ask yourself what was injected into you.

If a sedative is given: Return to non responsibility as in infancy. See: syringe.

 Useful Questions and Hints:

What was injected and who by?

Did you notince any effects of the injection?

Are you scared of being injected?

See The Life Will – Avoid Being VictimsTechniques for Working your Dreams


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