Invaded Invasion

In some dreams we experience a strong sense of being overwhelmed by anxiety or some invading influence, or struggling to survive.

Sometimes such feelings arise from our internal animal instincts or even from intuitive feelings about people invading our territory, and therefore protectiveness for family or ourselves.

Because dreams are about the often unconscious actions of our inner world, and because we are all creators of that inner world, whatever thought or feeling, longing or emotion you harbour takes form, and is given life in our inner world, beautiful or awful as it might be. And when you do not own that power, when you push back any part of that flow into the dark caverns of your mind, where fears and wounds, black angers or unspent vengeance lurk in shadows, they are given life. They grow strong until they wrestle with you, invade the living tissues of your body with their sickness, or burst out into the world as action.  So in the magic mirror that dreams are, reflected all that we do, we dream of nightmarish scenes or of great beauty depending upon how we have used our powers of creation.

 Example: A man who is constantly stressed because of his work situation, and never admits that he has any problems, does not show emotions often has nightmares. But his mother taught him that to deal with nightmare you should force yourself awake. Which he learnt to do really well. But that is muffling a fire alarm while the fire is raging inside him. He constantly refuses to face himself, his fears or his emotions.

An invading bacterium threatens the integrity of the body. But there is also a massive defence and counter-attack when we feel attacked by someone else psychologically, especially where the apparent attacker has different religious or cultural beliefs. In the body the bacteria or virus are attacked and where possible destroyed. With ourselves we need to recognise not only the attack, but also why we are prone to feeling attacked. See Avoid Being Victims          

People often feel possessed or invaded by an evil influence. The problem is fundamentally that such a dreamer feels that the ‘thing’ is far stronger than them, and they have no power over it. I feel there is an answer in the writings of Edward Carpenter when he says: For (over and over again) there is nothing that is evil except because a man has not mastery over it; and there is no good thing that is not evil if it have mastery over a man; And there is no passion or power, or pleasure or pain, or created thing whatsoever, which is not ultimately for man and for his use-or which he need be afraid of, or ashamed at. The ascetics and the self-indulgent divide things into good and evil-as it were to throw away the evil; but things cannot be divided into good and evil; but all are good so soon as they are brought into subjection. See devil

 There are also other inner forces that can invade us. We may find ourselves under the influence of urges that were not natural, or the person was not capable of, before the invasion. See Autonomous Complex

 Example: I had two very powerful examples of outer invasion and their power. My wife and I were visiting my wife’s sister and her husband. Her husband’s brother visited and sat and talked to us and afterwards I felt strangely ill at ease. Being able to ask my unconscious – inner self – for help I was shown that in fact the brother had wanted to ‘have’ my wife and wanted me out of the way. He had said things to me that didn’t seem bad, but the hidden feelings in his words had caused me to react badly. When he came again I was watching and listening for any signs. He immediately said, “What is that silly hat you are wearing”? A simple enough remark, except I recognised it was his way of making me look stupid in my wife’s eyes.

So it is wise to recognise that someone is an invader and take care how you react to them.


Useful Questions and Hints:

What do you feel is invading you, can you define it?

Is it a person or is it an invisible thing?

Do you feel you have the strength to face it?

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-Ziyoon Bettencourt 2018-02-21 23:26:00

So i had a dream of being invaded by giants and i’m with my friends, we’re running away and we’re fighting the giant, we’re also finding for someone

What does it mean?

-alok srivastava 2017-02-24 3:12:46

I had a dream, where my country has been attacked and war is declared. It so happens the me and my family (wife, daughter and son) are travelling in a metro and suddenly it has been stopped because of an emergency and the armed forces come in and take me and my son in a bunker for safety and leave my wife and daughter. And they get attacked and die.

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