As dog but a wild version; a trickster figure like coyote and fox; a deceiver; being a scavenger it has sometimes been associated with death as with crows and vultures.

Due to being able to see in the dark and the light, the jackal was seen by the Egyptians as a pathfinder in the underworld – i.e. the unconscious – leading the dead to the other world. As such it can be a great help in showing you the way when you are uncertain. See: coyote.


Useful Questions and Hints:

What sense do you arrive at of your dream jackal – is he/she sneaky, divine, wise or a messenger? Whatever it is can you sum up what you get from the jackal in the dream?

What do you experience if you imagine yourself and talk as your dream jackal? (For help doing this see Stand in Role)

What are the key words used in describing the interaction between yourself and jackal?

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