Your sense of whether you have acted in harmony with your best self, or with the people around you. The judge may be an inner self-criticism that you carry with you, and need to re-evaluate.

Sense of guilt or self judgement; conscience; decision making. May depict the ‘shoulds’ and ‘should nots’, we apply to ourselves, or our moral code. Sometimes, the way we judge others becomes a harsh judge of ourselves. Feeling what a failure our parents were in raising us becomes a difficult judgement of our own state as a parent – we accuse ourself as harshly as we accuse others.

In the end we are the judge of our own life in our dreams. To quote a dreamer, “To not judge others I think I have to choose not to judge myself first and that would require some conscious, deliberate work.”

Do not judge yourself harshly, for such judgement stands in the way of learning from our failures. Learning from those lessons is to be understood and treasured, not condemned.

Judging something can also be a way of weighing the value or usefulness of something, “Judging by the noise of the brakes the car might not stop in time”.

As for how God sees us, well it is not as an outsider who judges or condemns us. People are so mixed when they consider God. My experience is that Life/God, when we really open to our core, is the very self that we are and we have kept projecting it outside of us. It is something that is beyond description but is Love, Power and Insight without judgement, without blame; and it is there all the time. We do not have to be wonderful paragons of virtue to know it. We are, after all, little life forms, seeds of Life struggling to grow. All we have to do is to say, “Life/God, I love you and please help me to know you.”

Example: I am a male, 19, single and live with only one parent and my new born son. I live with my father who is paralyzed from the waste down. My parents recently split up and its been really hard to deal with my dad. Since my son has been born my dad constantly nags at me and judges me about the way I take care of my son. I am a college student and have accomplished few positive things in my life, and I could assure you I don’t completely know all the aspects of fatherhood but I know my son and I believe he’s been giving to me for a reason. My mom and dad are so critical on me, and my girlfriend.

Example: Now here it was, I the human parasite. At first I wouldn’t let it into consciousness. A moral judgmental attitude held it in the unconscious. I had to say to myself, “Okay, here is a part of myself I have judged as unpleasant and pushed away. All right, I have judged you. Now I drop my judgment and love you. Come and show yourself.”

Then up came the realisation about my own parasitic a relationship with my wife and her children, and life in general. We are all takers. I saw how I had led her to look at the children critically so I would appear well in her eyes. I saw how it is a pattern of a parasite such as I, to gradually make its host feel it is needed. So actions and words are done from the aim to produce the feeling of value. And things are done to build up usefulness and someone’s need for us. Meanwhile we satisfy our own needs. But a parasite always feels insecure. It depends so much on its host it fears the attempts to be helpful and useful will be seen through to their true parasitic nature.

Idioms: Judge not, that ye be not judged; sit in judgement.


Useful Questions and Hints:

Am I judging or being judged in the dream?

What was the conclusion in the dream?

Have I lernt not to judge myself too harshly?

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