Similar to foundation, or basis upon which your life is built, but also represents that which holds you steady against opposing conditions. Basic personal strengths. The foundation of your personality or identity. Perhaps also the strength to built a new you from.


-Susan 2013-05-29 13:41:15

I was showing a nice lady around the compound in which we live. I told her that further behind is the
backyard, and that where were standing was the front yard of the compound. i could see our family Jeep(car) parked a few meters from us and suddenly a big aggressive dog walked into the compound and went right to the car and tried to open the door by the drivers side but the door was locked, then it started hitting its pawns on the window on the same side and after a couple of times, the glass window slided down(opened). The dog then started trying to get into the car via the window and with much fear of the dog and of it getting into the car, I took a shawl or something in that nature and started chasing it away, with much fear but determined not to give up. after trying over and over again… the dog then gave up and left the compound. I then looked up and called out to my husband who came out of the flat, on the balcony and looking down to me. I told him to please throw down the car key to me so that i might lock up the car. He was reluctant and i understood what was in his mind and why he was reluctant. He concluded that i was going to use the car and make and exit… run away from him. Realising his thought i then explained to him that i needed the car key in order to properly secure the car incase the dog comes back. He then threw down the key to me.

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