Key Keys

Any attitude, thought, realisation or feeling which opens up areas of memory, experience or motivation previously ‘locked up’. A realisation or information which allows solution to a problem; also depicts an effective way of doing something. But a key is also for locking things, making them unavailable, so suggests losing or holding back on parts of you. Also very often represents the penis or sexual intercourse.

A key gives you entrance to things you would not otherwise have access to. It allows you to open things that would otherwise remain closed to you. It represent confidence – the sureness that you can go somewhere or access something.

 Example: My response to this as I felt it was/is that my relationship with a woman I love, and the things that have arisen from that relationship, and are arising from it, have produced a new sort of sureness about the inner life, and the outer life. I experience this as linking with so many things. For instance some beliefs would prevent one from building something together. This because the belief might be that this is a lot of “bloody nonsense.” So that would lock out whole areas of experience, speculation and creativity. So the key has been forged out of much that I have done in the past, and finely shaped by my lover and her unique qualities, enthusiasms and insights.

Example: I went to an office in Tottenham Court Road. Then I woke up in bed in the office. A woman was in bed on my left. I was about to get up, and she said for me to touch her breast before I got out of bed. I did so and drew near to her, but thought it would all end in sexual intercourse, and I didn’t want that to happen. Next thing, I was in Woburn Walk, trying to unlock the front door, but I did not have the right key. In fact the keys were for a different house entirely. I was in a dazed condition and someone else opened the door for me. I realised that I had only just awoke to this part of my life after a lapse or split of some weeks, where I lived in a different house and a completely different life. I knew this had all happened before, unknown to me. I could still remember the woman in bed, but I did not wish to explain this to anyone, and made out I had total loss of memory.

The dream illustrates how we can live two or more separate lives by creating a split – in this case between his sexual feelings. But being unknown to him shows how it had been unconscious and only just being realized.

 Example: Dreamt I suddenly felt the key to the hall in my pocket – left hand. I realised the hall door had been left open.

In seeking an understanding of the dream, this was produced: The dream brings you the memory that you left the door open. The real love that you are beginning to feel is coming into your life. When you remembered the door was left open, this is that you have now left your life open to Life. The key is no longer necessary. The key was your trying to meditate, your efforts to meditate. The key represents my thoughts, that you were your giving yourself to Life. Throw the key away, you will now think my thoughts, the thoughts generated by your unconscious wisdom.

 Example: Now I had the key to the whole puzzle. All the years of my adult life I have been looking, examining, trying to understand. It was all so much like the game of Master Mind. The answer actually exists in the ever-increasing information gathered. If only we could put it all together. If only we could see the pattern of our life experience, our education, our relationships. And then, when we actually solve the riddle and uncovered the code, it is all so simple. So was the whole process of life and death.

When I stood in the role of the keys I didn’t get a lot of feelings with them, but defined them as the ability to gain privacy in my own dwelling, and to enter into the lives of a few other people whose houses I have the keys to. So I felt the keys connect with my ability or desire to enter into or have insight into other peoples lives. They also depict the ability to keep people out or let them in.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Does the key open a door – if not ask what quality or insight do I lack?

What does the key give you access to?

Is it to new realisations or to your own inner life?

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