A problem, or a relationship tie. A tangle of feelings. In Buddhism, there are three inner knots that have to be untied, before Nirvana or Liberation can be reached. They are the knots of passion, emotion and intellect that bind us to limited and illusory awareness of self. We may be tied to our work, wife or husband, to mother’s apron strings.

Tangle of feelings or tension; relational tie such as dependencies, pain or anger which knot us to another person. Or a problem; the ties we have to work, family, mothers apron strings or viewpoints – in this sense can be the umbilical cord, or tie to mother during pre-birth life. Through association with its sound can mean ‘no’ or ‘not’. See: rope.

A knot in a dream might also refer to not enough, not able to, not allowed to do or be. It could  also indicate that you are a highly disciplined person, every item in its place, no loose ends dangling, no nonsense.

An expression of the energies tied up negatively in the female love energies and the emotions. Dreams show these are often knotted in the problems women face in love relationships. But one can work on the feelings. So it is important to see if you can feel any connection with the thing or person. Perhaps using Talking As will help.

The shadow cast by the knots tied in your heart, your head and your belly, by belief in the Devil. Like children’s hands held between a candle and the wall, your pains, desolation’s, and terrors have cast grotesque shadows upon your consciousness, which you took to be real, and you lived according to their demands. See Summing Up

Perhaps you will have to accept this on trust, but love is not something you possess or develop. It is like life itself, like breathing, given to you as a part of your existence. It flows through you, and that flow may have been damaged or twisted during your life, but it is still fundamentally there in you and can be released by undoing the knots caused by past experience. Then it is yours whether you are with a partner or not. Love is then a meeting of equals who shine the precious flow of this wonder on each other and magnify it. We do not claw at each other trying to get what is missing in ourselves.

For modern humans the freeze response triggered by our fight or flight instinct means that the muscles remain tensed and poised for action….action that is never really initiated. That’s why we often get “knots” in our backs, shoulders, neck, and arms. Meaning we  have not discharged the tension. (Help from the USA ) See Life’s Little Secrets

 Example: I worked on this dream. To begin with I felt a knotted feeling in my stomach. In exploring this by focussing my attention inwards and allowing spontaneous imagery and emotions, I found a lump that I had kept deep within that no one could touch or ever has. I split the lump and two halves of a walnut appeared. There was a picture of my mother in one half and my father in the other, as they were when I was a child. As I looked, the two halves crumpled into dust.

This was the secret I have carried since childhood, that unlike the other children in the orphanage I had parents. Yet I too was left. The emotions came to the surface and I really cried. After this wave passed I was left in a very passive state. I then saw myself go into the telephone box and try to make the call to reconnect with my parents. Again another shock. There was nobody to connect with. So once again the realisation came that I am an orphan. This brought another great wave of emotion that tore me apart.

Example: I am on this island with this JFK look-alike and his girlfriend. It is very romantic on this island and I envy this couple very much. I swim in the water, following them who are walking on land and see how much in love they are. Afterwards we go to a nightclub. His girlfriend is drunk and I have to carry her (she is knotted up – her arms and her legs – like a contortionist into about half of her real size). I carry her downstairs to a shower. (In the shower, the JFK guy sort of ignores his girlfiend and I have to take care of her. I realise that she is knotted up – unable to express herself freely.)

Example: Cules had been bewitched due to the ignorance of his parents in not protecting him from the evil practice of tonsil pulling. It is a dastardly cunning scheme, one of the many practised by Them, of tying one’s soul in knots at an early age.

Idioms: get your shirt in a knot; don’t get your knickers/panties in a knot


Useful Questions and Hints:

Have you felt knots of tension in your body or emotions?

Do you have knots tying you to family or partner?

Do you experience the knot of fear, or the painful knot of losing?

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