Part of yourself that need frequent attention lest it becomes out of hand, overgrown. If you have concerns about what the neighbours would think of an unruly lawn, then this would figure as your dream association. It can also suggest feelings of relaxation or family life, maybe a play area. In some people’s dreams it links with their feelings of being exposed, to things like the rain, lightening and birds so suggests anxiety. See: Grass.

Also in some dreams it is shown as a place to wait for someone, or even a place to love. It is often used in describing a house – Where horses and crumbly barns used to be, now there was a beautiful house, stone barns and lawns.

A happy feeling described as a party, wedding reception, or a celebration for guest taking place on a lawn.

There can be marks on the lawn as signs left of an activity.

 Example: ‘A flying saucer dropped a man on our lawn. He was seven feet tall and stood in a ring of light. The sky was vivid pink and a peculiar aeroplane flew over. It was the shape of a cross.’ Mrs A.

Example: I had found the secret way to Wonderland or Shangri-La. The baddies were coming to get us, so I led my wife and children down to the ground floor. There was a lawn with a hollow in it. We all jumped into this hollow, and I said the magic word, and we sank down into the earth. But the baddies were still after us. We walked along a road until we came to huge gates. This was the entrance to Wonderland. I said the magic word, Shazam, and the gates opened. We all went in, but two car loads of baddies got in too. But I felt it didn’t matter as I was sure the place would change them. I said the word however, and the gates closed.

Example: A girl and I danced on the sloping roof of a house. It was by the light of the moon, and the dance was a sort of exuberant twirling about. A horse that loved us, seeing us dance, wanted to be like us and share our humanness. A lawn sloped near to the top of a shed roof, and the horse jumped on the roof and tried to dance. But the roof sloped badly, and its hooves were too slippery, and it fell.

House lawns: It can show the state of your home life or personal habits through it tidiness, rough use or neglect.   

Lawn mower: A means if keeping the weed and undisciplined grass growth – the weeds of negative thinking or an untidy mind. Or it could indicate regular care.


Useful Questions and Hints:

In what way was the lawn portrayed?

Was I with others – if so who were they?

Do I have or did I ever have a lawn – what do I rember about it?

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