Something you are doing, or can do, to loosen up tension, and release emotional blockages, undesired feelings, or memories. Or perhaps this is all too much and you need to slow down? So you can experience a laxative of the mind and emotions.

If you often think you need a laxative or dream of laxatives, it might mean you are worried that you cannot perform in some area of your activities.

 In the ageing process some people, because they are less active, and so do not need to eat so much, get constipated. This is because it needs a lot of food to stimulate the bowels, and without movement taking place often the stools tend to dry out. The bowel constantly draws water from the stools, so a mild laxative is a good tool to have. But a preoccupation with bowel function and laxatives was found in over 50% of patients aged 65+ yrs, suffering from a functional psychiatric illness, and was seen at far higher rates than a comparable group of elderly inpatients with physical illnesses.

 Example: What I see is that I don’t want to live in suburbia. As the positive feelings arise outside of the dependence on my family, I feel as if I want to move around and not tie myself to any one place for a while. I think this is possible at a practical level if we live fairly cheaply and possibly in poorer countries. I feel shut in and restless just sitting here writing. So living in suburbia has been like an effective laxative to get rid of some concepts I had of what would satisfy me. No doubt this will change again. One thing that burnt me up inside intensely during the height of my difficult feelings was that my whole life had been built around dependence.


Useful Questions and Hints:

Do I suffer from constipation?

What does my dream say about the laxative?

Can I use the information in any way?

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