May be the part of us from which we presently take our lead. Or parts of us we should take direction from, depending on dream.

Our relationship with authority figures, or the generally accepted ideas that people take to guide their life; the relationship with the leader might show how much responsibility we are taking for our own life; feelings of being responsible, as in parenthood or professional capacity.

Example: Working on the car dream I realised I have a pattern of destroying my own energy of expression if it does not succeed as well as I would like. As I worked today I felt the tremendous anxiety aroused by deciding a course of action that offers no certainty. I felt that leaders are those who can cope with high levels of stress situations. A successful person is one who can get into situations that place them in exposure, open to criticism, likely to fail, uncertainty, and to manage the stress and press on.

Example: ‘Walking alone along a road through a small town. I was heading for a place that a group of people, in a street parallel to mine, were also heading for. A person from the group tried to persuade me that the RIGHT way to get to the place was along the street the group was walking. I knew the street did not matter, only the general direction. The person was quite disturbed by my independence. It made him or her feel uncertain to have their leader apparently questioned. I felt uncertain too for a moment. Then I walked on and came to an open stretch of ground.’

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