Limp Limping

Limp in the sense of not firm, suggests feelings of mild depression, loss of enthusiasm, or even sexual anxiety, the inability to respond to sexual stimuli. This afflicts men and women, and may be due to excessive pressure of personal expectations on ones own sexual drive. It can also in women be due to the ageing process, so they have to use lubricants because they cannot produce their own. 

Limping See: Lame.

Example: Sarah, my best friend, said she was sorry and put the gun in her mouth and pulled the trigger. Her body went limp in some sort of basket chair she was sitting in. I had went to go towards her when I saw the gun but it was too late and I clenched my eyes together when it happened.


Useful Questions and Hints:

What was limp, and why did it happen?

Plants go limp from lack of water, do you take enough clean water?

We often go limp when we feel life isn’t worth living?

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-benson 2015-03-21 23:22:02

it was my first dream i have ever had of me limping in great pain. at first, the pain was mild and i was walking fast but along the way, the pain intensified but i kept on going. A friend noticed that i was in pain and he gave me a shoulder. before i could give up limping, my friend encouraged me to keep on going but no sooner had i started limping again,than i woke.

    -Anna 2015-03-23 10:58:47

    Benson – Although it may not feel like it yet, your dream is sent to you as a way of helping you deal with thoughts that make it difficult to “go for it”.
    So this is about the difficulty, or lack of confidence or strength you might face in making your way through the events of life. It can represent any impediment in your being that makes going difficult.
    It will be helpful to remember which leg was limping in your dream.
    Left leg: Weakness in the feelings and ideas out of which we gain support.
    Right leg: Weakness in dealing with our external activities.
    Your friend in your dream is a living part of you and a wonderful aid in your life, an aid that can see you through the difficult times, and show you a new side of yourself.
    It does not matter that you woke up, because you can still “carry the dream forward” and explore with your inner friend which approach will be helpful to you to give up limping.
    Good Luck!
    Anna 🙂

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