As the examples show, liquid can represent many things, from blood to amniotic fluid. It can indicate the delicate flow of nervous energy, the flow or losses of sexual energy, urinating, even the pouring out of your self to others, or its restriction. See: Water.

Because feelings are often felt to flow within us, as when we listen to rousing music, or notice a feeling in the chest which moves to the throat, then may become crying or some other expressed emotion, they may be shown in a dream as fluid.

It depends very much on what the liquid is – medicine, acid, poison, alcohol, water.

The heart, or courage, can turn to water, meaning that resolves have become soft. Or the heart can melt, suggesting a change of heart, opening to sympathy. To become liquid is usually to change, to become soft, to realise your innate formlessness and flowing nature. If your legs turn to water, then your motives have let you down.

Liquid in bottle: A change of feelings, as when we drink wine or medicine; influenced by exterior emotions; contained or withheld emotions. Look up what the liquid is in the dictionary

White liquid: Milk of kindness, self-giving; or sperm, the magic fluid out of which life emerges.

 Example: Finger and feet began to get cold. An icy coldness slowly spread all over my body. A liquid warmth was then all around me. I thought I was haemorrhaging. A needle was stuck in my left arm and my chest was being cut open – it didn’t hurt. There was a lot of activity. They said I had gone. I was trying desperately to let them know I was still there. Then I was in a bag and sliding off a table. The bag was tied above my head. Then from the confined darkness I was free. There was a brilliant light all around. I could still see the sack with a body still in it far behind me. I was incredibly happy and full of energy. Trish L.

Example: I have a two-pronged needle with red liquid. I know it will hurt him. I didn’t want to but I had to inject him. He yelled in pain. He turned on the bed, writhed around, and threw himself around. I snuck up and finished the dosage.

Example: I dreamed I was urinating. (BTW, I am male). In the dream I was having severe pain in my bladder and genitals. As I urinated, I began to pass bright red blood only ….forcing out all liquid from my bladder. As the flow ceased, I could feel my bladder refilling with blood and it would start over again. This went on for a few cycles until I woke myself up. Unfortunately I have had pain now there since the dream (for about 4 days).

Example: “I was looking at a little match box shaped thing and one looked into it like a window. I looked at my arm through the window, then my vision was full of patterns of my energy going up and down my arm. It was very beautiful, leaf like shapes with glass like balls and clear liquid but even the liquid making patterns on the move up and down.” Wendy O.

Example: Not sand coming out but liquid, mucous membrane. . . . . pouring through. . Smash the walls –look in –semi transparent. Step in, fluid is warm, I lay in it, I can breath under it. . I am a seal (the baby who can emerge from the water?). This is the, way of lightness. . I want out. . Just fluid. Hold me here forever. The essence of life. You can live and dwell in this. . I want out. . . I‘m still in the bubble, but standing up. . Fairy land, sparkle & images. . Uncertain. Fluid stuck to me still attached.

Example: Suddenly a bottle in the bag my wife was carrying the picnic lunch in fell over and spilled a sticky brown liquid on the floor and on me. It was a large cider bottle. I tried to stand it upright, but my wife had hold of the plastic shopping bag so tightly I couldn’t, and the liquid still ran out. I shouted at her, “Let go. Let go!”

When the dream was explored the dreamer found the part of the dream carrying the picnic lunch represents a social occasion. The place is somebody else’s home – anybody. My wife carries the equipment for this. The bottle is the pouring out of your own soul. Being sticky means you do not enjoy the feeling of this. You try to prevent this because you see it as a loss of power. Love brings so much energy you will have more than enough. The struggle is the pushing against the outflow of yourself. The cry of let go is to break the hold others have over you. They demand your feelings, your love. You do not wish to give. You bring the wrong attitude to this.


Useful Questions and Hints:

How do I react to the liquid?

Do I take it or refuse it?

Does the dream explain it in any way?

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