It can either be old opinions, or old habits of feeling, or it is something that was alive and growing in you at one time and has now become dead wood, fixed opinion. Sometimes it represents what you have inherited from the past, perhaps from your family or forebears. It might even suggest unresponsiveness. See: Wood.

 Logs can appear in many ways in dreams:

Dream Log: See journal

Firewood: See firewood

Hiding behind logs: It may suggest you are feeling you are not one of the crowd and so hide so the ‘crowd’ will pass you by. Or if you are in natural surroundigs are you hiding from an animal? Are you hiding from an enemy, if so see enemy and animal

Huge logs: Represents a huge natural resource. Depending what your interests are it could be for building something, making something like furniture, or even for burning. See wood

Log bridge: Something that you have built out of your own natural resources that give you a link with others, provides a solution to a problem, or allows more ‘traffic’ through your life.

Log cabin: Usually represents a quiet and secluded state of mind and built of ones own thoughts, longings and effort. A natural environment to live in or to raise a child. A place you built with love and spirit. A place to make love in or have a honeymoon in – indicating thoughts and feelings about getting close to someone.

Log in: Represents an attempt to contact or influence or partake of or get something shown in the dream. It could be an introduction to a relationship, and attempt to ‘connect’ with them or communicate with them.

Example: I am currently unemployed and looking for work in my waking life. Last night, I had a dream that I had got off from work and I got my paycheck. My mom took me to the grocery store to use the ATM machine to get some money, while she buys something. I was trying to log in and to get some cash, but the machine never came on. Then, I read on the note on the side of the ATM, and it said that the machine was not working.

Log out: An attempt to not continue with whatever you were logged in to. A goodbye to someone, or an opportunity.

Log jams: This usually indicates something that is holding back your free flowing energy or motivation. It could mean blocked sexual feeling, emotions, ideas or plans

 Example: I have two powerful dreams to solve: in one I meet a giant and his son. He is clearing a log jam in river I abruptly come to at the end of a long drive to find my way home (or to relatives).

Raft: See raft

Ships log: See ship

Weapon: A log can often be used as a weapon, so represents using an old an established way to hurt or even kill something within you, or venting aggressive feelings. See weapon

 Example: We get into a van and drive up a freeway exit the wrong way and cut across wooded area to park next to the original campsite. Ginny has money in her hand. I say, “There isn’t any wood for the fire,” and then I see some split logs and sticks.

Example: I feel a bit odd not knowing exactly what is happening, so I decide to step off the road into a little gully and conceal myself behind a big fallen log to watch this massive migration of people. I don’t seem to belong with these people, although a few glance at me, no one takes any particular notice of me one way or another. A young man comes along, maybe in his late teens, and he sees me and chooses to step off the road as well, and joins me beside the log as an observer. I find that somewhat strange , but he is not threatening in any way. I don’t think we exchanged words, yet somehow we knew that we were not like those others, and we just sat together for awhile watching. the hoards slowly pass by.

Idioms: drop a log; log off; log on; saw logs; sleep like a log


Useful Questions and Hints:

What is the log being used for?

Do I use logs to heat my home or to build a fire?

What associations do I have with logs?

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