Lorry Truck Van

Like a car, it is your means of getting about in life, i.e. vehicle of expression such as music, drives, longings, ambitions, but the lorry connects more with commercial associations or projects. So it might link with feelings of major change, commercial ventures, of moving house.

Similar to car, but it indicates drives such as ambition, what motivates one – but usually your abilities, confidence and energy in connection with practical work, or getting things done in the outer world. It can be the inner qualities or strengths that support your outer activities. For instance ones personal motivations or activities meeting the influence of big unified groups such as the police or large businesses. But also your efforts to get something done, to get things moving. See: car.

A van can also be connected with work, but sometimes can indicate a family or group.

 Example: ‘I was a passenger in a very large eight wheeled lorry, my husband being the driver. We stopped at a pedestrian crossing in our town and my husband got out of the driving seat and went into the local town hall near a crossing. I waited in the lorry for what in my dream seemed hours. The next thing I remember is that I was then riding a bicycle on the other side of the crossing and cycled away up the road.’ Diann R.

Her husband’s involvement with social and work activities – the lorry and hall – make Diann decide to become more independent rather than wait for her husband to be ‘with her’. 

 Example: Dreamt I was driving to work in my car. Just as I was opposite our house a lorry – bread – hurtled out past a parked car, it didn’t seem to see me, and smashed straight over me. I was left standing by the roadside, the car smashed away from me to about the size of a bike. My right leg was slightly encased in the smashed car. I thought I had lost my leg, but it was not smashed off, only bloody and perhaps broken.

I remained standing by the road and shouted for my wife to call the ambulance. I thought I would have to be in hospital for some time and quite liked the idea, and decided to meditate while there. I seemed to have an inner realisation about the crash. I knew that my karma had led me to death at that moment, but because of the work I had done over the past eight months, this had been escaped.

Using various methods I gradually worked out the dream as follows:  “Going to work is the steady, persevering work on myself – the daily facing of difficulties and patiently pressing on.

The car is, because it keeps going wrong, my sense of failure (when I dreamt this the car was in the garage for repair). It is all the past things that have driven me, or carried me along out of my feeling that I was a failure.

The bread van was a connection with work. It was the great power which had been released by the persistent facing of myself, and which now smashed away the failure drives. This left me standing on my own feet, but outwardly insecure. The injured leg was the causes of the failure drives being revealed – my psychological inability to stand strongly on my own feet – my lack of confidence.

Going to hospital meant that in the healing of these causes or root problems, much more inner peace, or chance to enter deeply into self would arise. I would have died as a person, not being able to progress beyond this point, this problem, if it hadn’t been for the many things learned in giving myself to others at the place I worked. If I had not followed the inner drive to start activities that led me to give of myself, during which I learned to open up the whole inner mess of my life. I might not in this life have gained, developed or being given the necessary qualities and tools to melt and pass beyond the problem. Not going to work is not having to work any longer in that way. It was now my choice.

 Example: Dreamt about being in a large removal van with a woman sat on my lap. I held her breasts with pleasure. Don.

In exploring his dream Don found that holding the woman’s breasts showed how he was holding onto and held by sexual pleasure. Holding the woman made him a passenger, and not directing his life. But when he let go he could be the driver. This led him to realise that he was tied to his sexual need like a dependency – a dependency that directed his life.

Being in the driving seat also means you can see all the instruments on the driving panel. This means being in an observing situation with yourself. You can if you wish, observe all the instruments of your being. You can watch and acknowledge what is happening to you sexually, what is happening with your fantasies, what is going on in your physical body – am I tired, am I relaxed, am I stressed, am I confident? You can observe all this in the driving seat and you can make changes. From the observations you can slightly shift, change, make adjustments, and so keep balance and direct the process of interaction and where you are aiming to go in life. This self observation also means you can more easily observe others and understand their needs.


Useful Questions and Hints:

Where you the driver or passenger?

What was the theme of the dream?

Was there any commercial side to the dream?

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