Being lost depicts confusion; loss of motivation or ability to make clear decisions. Sometimes suggests issues in your life have arisen and have not been noticed and you are being negatively influenced. In which case consider the environment in which you are lost. See Losing Something or Someone

But feelings of being lost are simply that – feelings – not facts. The only reality is what you feel is real or what you believe. If you believe you are lost, well, that is a world you are creating. Without consciousness the whole world and cosmos disappears for you. So the only reality is actually your conscious awareness of your experience.

Years ago as I started my second marriage and felt like hell I visited the local fortune teller. Her puzzled response was that she could see no future for me. It was so true I sank even deeper into the hell I felt. Then after a day of that I realised that all the fortune teller was doing was reflecting back at me what I felt; that I had no future. But I realised we create our own future and I could change the way I felt and so create a different future. I did and I have.

If lost in an unknown place: It suggests you are in a new area of experience, a new situation or period of your life. You need to calmly take stock and get your bearings.


Useful Questions and Hints:

In what environment do I feel lost – in work, in a crowd, where?

Can you see that this is just a feeling and you can change it by recognising it for what it is?

What led me to feel lost – did I lose contact with my passions?

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