Low Lowly

Something that has escaped notice, or that you have left behind at some time. Or something beneath you, morally unsound, cheap, vulgar, depressed, little awareness or understanding.

Something that is not very apparent, is not much of a hurdle or barrier, or is not of great impact. It may indicate that you have as low view of yourself or your abilities, but we all have fantastic potential, but it has to be worked at to make real.

Sometimes it can represent what Carl Jung wrote in the book Man and His Symbols, “Christians often ask why God does not speak to them, as he is believed to have done in former days. When I hear such questions, it always makes me think of the rabbi who was asked how it could be that God often showed himself to people in the olden days while nowadays nobody ever sees him. The rabbi replied, “Nowadays there is no longer anybody who can bow low enough.”

Low neck line dress: For a man it probably represents a desire to hold the breasts, or at least a temptation to unless he is very neurotic and wishes to harm the beauty. For a woman it is, despite her protestations either her desire to show how desirable she is or else difficult feelings about other women.

Flying low down: Possibly depicts difficult feelings about not being able to ascend higher. Or feelings about your own inability to feel good about yourself. It can also depict slight depression.

Low in life satisfaction: A drive in many people is in some way to actualise themselves, to express themselves in a satisfying way. If we use the analogy of a plant, it is as if they have grown and reached full stature, but for some reason have not flowered and spread seeds. They have not produced fruit. This lack of satisfaction is shown in that such people recorded more negative dreams in their diary.

Low power lines: It depends on how capable you are to deal with the enormous power we all have as a potential. Obviously it could burn out any problems you have, or it could give you a tremendous boost to attain wider awareness.

 Example: We both noticed that the power lines were slung very low to the ground about chest height. I was feeling drawn towards touching them, knowing what would happen. Sure enough once I had hold of the power lines my body started to burn up. My body rose to the height of the house windows and I could hear the yells from my burning body, I thought it must be a hell of a shock for everyone looking on. H. C.

Example: I was down in a low bit of a village, was trying to get to a road high up on a hill where the sun was shining. I was walking through dark, empty houses that were something like a store house, not much light, a musty smell about the place.


Idioms:  fly low; keep a low profile; lay low; look high and low; low on the totem pole; low-ball him; low-down; lowlife; the lowdown; ears lowered


Useful Questions and Hints:

When have I felt low, and is it reflected in the dream?

Have I ever been able to bow that low to touch the centre?

Has there been a time when I felt connected to the low-life?

Do I consider myself to be of low status?

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