The duties, religious or moral feelings or the emotional environment we have created in our life. It can represent the past we still carry with us, things we can’t let go of in life. Sometimes a baby is felt as something we can no longer lug around with us; or our feelings about being a parent.

The habits or attitude, duties, or the emotional environment we have created in our life. It can represent the past we still carry with us; things we can’t let go of in life.  See: bag; knapsack

What we “have in hand” in ones life, and something you are carrying with you. Or it could connect with a holiday or getting away from work or home; freedom or the ability to move.

The womb or vagina. What one carries inside oneself, such as longings, attitudes, fears. How we see ourselves socially – the luggage might be a sign of status, how we rate oneself; also a symbol of independence or going somewhere. Sometimes what we are hiding from others, or what others cannot see; a secret and perhaps dangerous thing, but certainly often unknown.

The dream luggage might contain the personal skills or tools one has, or is carrying with you, such as a laptop, mobile/cell phone. Another possibility is the association with protective attitudes, as when one might carry something precious in a bag – such as a baby, small animal or objects; secrets or what is hidden, so unpacking it may bring revelations or the unexpected, so ones hopes or dreams.

Example: ‘In last nights dream the baby I dream about incessantly had been locked in a suitcase but was quite unscathed when taken out, except that it was very dirty, but still not crying. I do not have any memories in connection with these babies and the only feelings I have are those of remorse that I have neglected the baby. I have had four children of my own, none of whom were ever neglected in this way.’ Mrs C.

Mrs C. uses the suitcase in at least two ways. One is her womb, or reproductive ability. Although she has had four children, this does not stop her unconsciously desiring more. The second is what ‘luggage’ – emotional feelings, urges, thoughts – she carries.

 Example: I am in the airport waiting for my luggage. And I are smuggling in a bunch of junk from the States. I am worried that I will be recognized, as it seems I have done this many times before. One of the things I have in my luggage is the manuscript of one of the books I am working on. I plan on telling them that I was doing research on this book in the States if I am stopped, questioned, etc. I spend a lot of time anxiously waiting in the airport.

Example: A female lover of mine is trying to get rid of my leather handcrafted luggage which costs thousands of dollars. The luggage was from my first marriage. It makes me so angry that I slap her. She is getting rid of a lot of old clothes, particularly socks with holes in them which I carefully go thru too, but agree to throw away.

The dreamer’s anger is because he still has feelings about his first wife, so feels a conflict.

Dragging heavy luggage: Problems we have that have not be dealt with and feel as if they are holding us back.

Finding lost luggage: A difficult feeling or loss is now overcome. Remembering memories and past events.

Getting rid of or sorting and throwing away luggage: Discarding or sorting through habits, memories or attitudes that you can see are no longer suitable to carry around.

Packing your bags: It may represent a desire to – or a need to – get out of some present situation or fear of having to do so. Perhaps your unconscious is hinting that it is time you ‘pack your bags’.


Useful Questions and Hints:

Does what you are doing with the luggage give any idea about its meaning?

Did you know where you were heading with your luggage?

Are there things in the luggage that connect with the past or another person?

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