Magnet Magnetism

The influence – to attract or repel – we have on others or they have on us. Repulsiveness. Likes and dislikes, physical or personality charms, and the way in which they are used. The power resident in the body, that can be used for healing, or emotional psychic impact upon others; as in hypnosis, where one being has such an impact upon another that his suggestions are carried out to a greater or lesser degree. This is why hypnosis was often called magnetism. Christ is spoken of as the magnet that attracts and redeems and is also the highest common denominator.

Even matter shows a form of like and dislike in magnetism – like poles repel, opposite poles attract. A child may scream if someone it dislikes gets near it, but an adult will probably tolerate the nearness, or refrain from expressing displeasure – a pity to stop a child expressing its real feelings. In our dreams we often express our real feelings.

Also magnets have a formative power and might express is in dream – shaping iron filings for instance. There can be a magnetic force that can be very powerful between people, usually called love. But it can be very dangerous at times as the example shows.

 Example: I saw, floating on the water, many, many patches of hair – scalps. It looked as if the bodies had all dropped away, all rotted. I understood – lucidity – that as this was the dream world, something was wrong, as the people should have been able to change or deal with their dream surroundings. As it was, the water was like a higher dimensional trap. It was an image injected into personal dream images, that were not ones own, but an intriguing one. In some way it swallowed those who entered it.

Suddenly a youngish European man flashed to my side. He said, “Look away. You must not see what I do.” We/I, knew he was going to deal with the “trap”. This he did, while we averted our gaze. I knew that he could do this as he had the keys of about five levels of initiation of which I knew nothing. He was, in fact, an initiate.

I see that within each of us is the possibility of drawing another person into us. But it can only happen if we do not have a strong repulsive force. Also it seems to be that one is more susceptible if one was led to feel that without another person (ones mother?) you could not survive. The power that pulls one in is the fear of not being able to survive without the other person. In exploring how it could be dealt with I was shown that one has to recognise the power that pulls you and stops its action – by use of will and also be recognising its cause. That does not mean cutting of any feelings for the person, but it does mean recognition of what it can mean if it continuous.

Digital photos can be deleted by a magnet and this suggests things you have been impressed by, perhaps almost unconsciously, that are still awaiting development but could be lost.

But we are also all influenced by the enormous magnetism of our Earth. Life vibrates. As this vibration and our sense of it is known, we may experience the waves of sparkling radiance that are flowing through you, or maybe sense it as waves rolling around the earth, generating from the earth’s power or magnetism. These waves roll around and therefore through all of us.


Useful Questions and Hints:

In what way was the magnet depicted in my dream?

Did I or do I feel a magnetic force in some way?

Do I feel attracted or repelled by someone or something?

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