Make Making

This has so many possibilities because we can make sense, make money – in fact see the Idioms below to see how much we use the word.

If one of the idioms describe what you feel, and you ‘make out’, ‘make a scene’ or even make sure of someone then that is the meaning.

But if you are making something, then it is either indicating a creative action, or something you are in process of doing. Certainly doing something that may be creative. See Build Building; Create Creative Creativity

Example: Last night I dreamt my wife was trying to get me out of her life, and out of the house. It was as if she were attempting to push me into a feeling of tension and rejection which would make me leave.  At one point she was with another man and being very friendly.

Example:  I’m frightened but I want to make this journey.  I approach a stream with a very narrow bridge.  It’s dark and I’m afraid I may fall off the bridge.  But to continue I must cross the bridge.  Suddenly a young man appears to help me across.  I’m grateful.  He takes me to a small cottage where there are other young adults.  I’m a little nervous because these people clearly aren’t mainstream.

Idioms: absence makes the heart grow fonder; all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy; don’t make a mountain out of a molehill; don’t make me laugh; don’t make no nevermind; don’t make waves; it makes no difference; make a beeline; make a big deal of it; make a big to-do; make a booboo; make a bundle; make a clean breast of it; make a clean sweep; make a comeback; make a difference; make a face; make a false move; make a federal case of it; make a fuss; make a go of it; make a good impression; make a killing; a life for yourself; make a living; make a mistake; make a mountain out of a mole hill; make a name for yourself; make a pass; make a pitch; make a point of; make a scene; make a silk purse; make a splash; make advances; make amends; make an entrance; make an offer; make believe; make do; make ends meet; make every effort; make faces; make friends; make fun of; make good; make good time; make hay while the sun shines; make headway; make it; make it better; make it big; make it snappy; make it worse; make light of; make love; make me do it; make me sick/mad etc.; make mention; make mincemeat of; make money; make my day; make myself clear; make no bones about it; make of it; make off with; make out; make room;  make sense; make something of it; make something of yourself; make strange; make sure; make the bed; make the grade; make the most of it; make the team; make tracks; make trouble; make up; make up for; make up your mind; make war; make waves; make way; make whoopee; make your bum hum; make your hair stand on end; make your head spin; make your mark; make your mouth water; make your way; make yourself at home; make yourself scarce; makes no difference; need money to make…; on the make; the devil makes work for idle hands; there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so; want to make something of it; you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink; has the makings; how are you making out; in the making.


Useful Questions and Hints:

What are you making or have made?

Are you a creative person?

What have you made of your life?

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