The mansion, like house, shows all the different departments of your life, such as the bathroom for cleansing, library for mental growth, etc. The mansion however, is sometimes used to show just how big you are, how much you hold in yourself, and perhaps the amount of work you have put into becoming who you are. See: House.

Although a house represents all the aspects of self in which our identity lives – a body, emotions, creativity, etc. – a mansion is depicting the same thing with a different emphasis. It is ourselves as we are plus features still latent, possibilities not yet developed or explored.

Example: When I identified with the house it took a while to really experience it as a living process rather than simply an intellectual interpretation.  But when I did I become the structure and experienced the extent of the house, I realised it as my body.  But it was not my body as I had been taught to see it through my training as a nurse.  I did not experience it simply as a biological process, or a physiological machine.  I experienced it as an incredibly ancient thing, carrying or incorporating in its form and functions lessons of life gathered over millions of years of human and animal evolution.  I felt that it holds within its darkness – the presently unconscious areas developed and lived in the past – enormous amounts of information or memories.  We fail to be aware of these because our attention is so fixed on the world outside of us.  But of course, even there, if we look carefully, we can see we are the result, our culture and language are the result, of the events and lives stretching back into the ancient past.


-man sion shows 2016-05-29 14:14:54

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-Alex Allred 2010-09-23 20:57:41

Last night, as I am fighting off a flu bug, I took some cold medication which always gives me very lucid though often frightening dreams. This time, however I had a dream which I found myself quite happy with and by the time I had fully awakened, I was concious of the dream state and had sucessfully committed most of it to memory.
In the dream, I found myself inside an immense Gothic mansion that I knew to belong to me and my immediate family though it was recently acquired and I was still exploring it. The house was very newly renovated as the smell of wet paint as still fresh in the air. The walls were a pristine eggshell tone and the trim was either rich bronze metalic or deep red-brown wood. There was also a great deal of deep, green & gray speckled marble which matched the dusky aquamarine exterior of the building. The wood, marble and bronze all had the feeling of being original parts of the structure but some furnishings such as the Ming Dynasty theme of the luxurious guest bedroom were obviously more newly placed. The kitchen had been repainted and refurbished but was appearently meant to be staffed by others besides my family, as there were even sparsely furnished rooms that I identified as belonging to the cooks and servants. These people were never seen though I had some expectation that they would appear at a later time. The other rooms which I identified were a second story rec room with comfortable furniture. There was an interesting off-room which had formerly been used as a choir practice room. I could tell this because of the acoustic paneling on the ceiling but I now intended on making a billiard room. It had also been, I discovered, a hang out for musicians of days gone by due to the plethora of vintage classic rock posters of several of my favorite groups from the 60’s & 70’s (notably the Rolling Stones). There were two rooms downstairs which I knew to be my two daughters rooms and there was also a room on the second floor which was a quiet, comfortable space where my two youngsters could play while my wife and I sat and read and/or enjoyed the spectacular lake front view that the mansion provided. It was from this room that the most interesting part of the dream took place. As I looked out at the lake, I saw a birds eye projection/reflection of the opposite side of the house which clearly showed the structure and style. It was from this perspective that I saw it included a piece which I imvisioned building in my own home several years ago. That was a tall, gothic tower which I knew to be my library with a “wizard’s study” at the top where I could find the quiet and solitude needed for contemplation. The last piece of this may be the most revealing to me as I was not only feeling joyous about the house but was very excitedly showing it off to memebers of my extended family. I believe I have a good idea of what this all means to me but I would value any objective insights. Thank you for creating this website as a guide for folks like me.

    -Tony Crisp 2010-09-29 9:31:37

    Alex – Thank you for trusting me with your dream.

    This sounds very much to me like a House of the Ancestors dream. By that I mean it seems to hold within its walls much of what you inherited from the past, sometimes the long past. But it seems to me that you have successfully found a comfortable place in the present world. It gives me a sense of you having made a lot of changes in your life, a lot of personal growth, and therefore you are seeing this as the new décor.

    You have a very balances life too, with your children and wife all there, the modern and the ancient together. And I see you have a lot of skills you have acquired in your life, showing as the acoustic panelling and the new Ming Dynasty theme. The unseen servants also suggest you are not in conflict with that wonderful and faithful retainer – Life – that provides food and the cleaning up process.

    But here is the wonder of it, the Wizards Study! This is, I believe the Centre of your life. Where your strength arises from, the ability to transform yourself, and perhaps those around you. I salute you. I say this because I do not think such dreams come lightly.

    Also, what is the wonderful medicine that aids lucidity? Please see


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