Mantle Piece (fireplace)

Homeliness and often the place of comfort or family gatherings. Sometimes indicates the comfort of the womb.

A mantle  piece in a home is often like small shrine to family memories or people. If not on a fireplace shelf it is often elsewhere. Sometimes it is to hold precious objects. It represent in a way ones religious feelings about family, about beauty or about things one has realised and so one represents them in some way. Such things are the real pieces one uses inside to build a real centre or self. See Archetype of the Self

Example: I chose to ignore the kitchen and go straight to the living room to find something. As soon as I stepped in I could feel spirits thick in the air, and I wasn’t afraid! I started to search the mantle piece above the fire place. It wasn’t anyone I could identify, but there was a spirit who was encouraging me who I knew as an old friend. I suddenly realized what I was determined to find, it was the spirit’s freedom. During the dream I felt older than my body. 

The dream from a teenager is about beginning to realise her independent direction in life. The spirits are the subtle influence she feels guiding her. The mantle piece is the olace she finds the family or inner influence directing her to greater freedom.

 Example: Growing bored, I began to clean the gothic area where I was placed. A fireplace leading directly to Hell did not frighten me, but presented an effective place to burn all the trash I was picking up! Eventually in cleaning the stones around the fireplace I discovered a loose one. I pulled it out and found a fortune!!! Nothing in the dream impressed me as much, or evoked any emotion such as this.

By facing her fears – the doorway to hell – she was able to clear away the rubbish of ideas and values – burning the trash she had picked up. That clear the way for her to find the treasure that she has within her. The fireplace is again a guiding influence.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What do you think or feel when you see a good mantle shelf?

Do you use it as a place for photographs or objects?

Does you dream mantle shelf have things on it, or are their secrets involved?

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