Could be about acceptance or rejection of a project you have worked on.

Handing it over is like exposing yourself in some way and is a sort of courage because of peoples response.

Does it contain other people’s work and has it been credited, if not you may be judged badly.

What does the manuscript contain – your life story, a fiction, or a text book?

Waiting for a response from publishers – can represent anxiety or hopefulness, depending on feelings in the dream.

Working on someone else’s manuscript is probably about judgements of some sort. Sometimes things come alive and even beautiful.

Example: I was walking down in a lane with a mixed group of people. On my right in the hedge I found my manuscript of my present writings scattered, wet with rain, and jumbled. I gathered the manuscript out of the hedge, realising this was what happened when one left it to other people to look after and circulate ones work. Now I was in the foyer of a large well-kept hotel. Kneeling on the floor I sorted out and set into order the manuscript. Despite its fate it now seemed undamaged and complete. None was lost. I was now going to care for it myself.

This is obviously a dream about how he feels others will care for work that took him many years to gather the experience to write it.

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