Clarifying ideas of direction in life. Understanding of what one has or wishes to do, and how to do it. You might be wondering what direction you need or want to take in life, or where your present course of action is taking you.

 We can be lost and need a map for many things. For many of us are without a map of our life, or we lose ourselves in love and get terribly lost in the experience, even in childhood we can lose ourselves, or become lost in ourselves because of troubling experiences.

 Example: We give ourselves all these names – like God – Christ – Allah – Buddha – Soul Mate. We find that wonder in ourselves and then project it externally. We cannot believe that what we see as God, or Allah and a great love is a glimpse of our own potential, is a vision of what we are. So we project it outwards and kneel before it.

Example: Of course this didn’t mean that my sense of time was fully developed from there on. The experience of being lost in the world of Michaelmas daisies and sticklebacks, shows how slowly the sense of time creeps into our soul, and influences it.  It is difficult to map the gradual encroachment of time into our worldview. Even well into my school years, summer holidays felt like an eternity.  At that period I had no concept of the holiday ending.

There is a view that there is a map of the way forward. When we can realise something of our Core Self, then we can begin to feel we have achieved some level of mastery in the physical world. Therefore, if we see enlightenment as the extension of self-awareness through a further maturing of our individual self, just as adolescence arises through maturing of the child self, we will look to those around us who have achieved some degree of enlightenment as our older brothers and sisters. We will move toward the map of our life though the processes of growth and maturing, especially understanding our dreams, which give many maps for us to follow if we take note of them.

Likewise we need a map of the hugeness we are within us – the unconscious. An introduction to this is given in Levels of AwarenessFunctions of dreams


Useful Questions and Hints:

When have you felt lost and in need of a map or guidance?

What or who have you felt guided by in the past?

Have you a map or assurance of the way you are heading?

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