Mary – Virgin

Motherhood; positive feelings about ones mother; religious openness or receptivity.

Mary represents the human soul or psyche and its possibility of dropping pre-conceptions, thus attaining an inner virginity and thus being receptive to Life, the unseen or unconscious side of self. Christianity named this the holy ghost. But older cultures also depicted this inner state of fertile receptivity as well. For instance Egypt expressed this human possibility in the form of Isis. Also Buddha’s mother Queen Maya, is said to have dreamt that a six-tusked elephant pierced her side with one of its tusks. This produced an immaculate conception. She understood the dream to mean the resulting child would become a monarch whose domain was the world.

Example: I think a turning point occurred when I was working as a photographer in London at about the age of 25, and was all alone in a darkroom. I had been puzzling about the symbolism of the Virgin Mary, and suddenly felt that it represented the ‘virgin mind’. In other words a state of mind that did not hold fast to its convictions or beliefs, but instead was virginal and ready to conceive of the new. In the case of Mary she is shown as offering herself without preconceptions and with all her heart and body to the invisible that gives life.

Having realised that – the plates I was developing were now in the fixer and I had time just to be – I wondered what would happen if I myself tried to be just like Mary, offering my being wholeheartedly and virginally to the unseen. Immediately I had a vision telling me that the daughter of a friend of mine was pregnant and would give birth to a boy who was a ‘special child’ – more spiritually aware than usual. I checked this out with the friend and she laughed when I explained. I asked why and she said she didn’t know if her daughter was pregnant, but she was at the doctor’s at that moment to find out. She later gave birth to a son.

When we experience this personally, the child we conceive is the union between the receptive conscious self and wider awareness – between you and Life within you. This receptivity and virginity of mind leads to the birth in oneself of a force or activity that gradually transforms and enlarges ones life and experience. In the west we call what grows in us ‘The Christ’. Other cultures give it different names. See: How I Became A VirginVirgin; Lifestream; Archetype of the Christ; Meetings with Christ.

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