Massage Masseur

Healing influence, loosening up of rigid attitudes, tensions, preconceptions, repressions.

Being massage or giving massage in a dream is a very intimate relationship, and in fact is much deeper than many people realise. Our body is a wonderful and sensitive thing, and pressure or massage does not simply touch the surface of the body, but can touch the very brain, our memories and trauma. So unless we are aware of that we may not be doing anything other than a sensual or sexual stimulus, unaware of the depths we are touching.

Example: I dreamt I was massaging the feet of my dear friend. I was very happy and wanted to do a good job for him (he has helped me so much in waking life). His feet were smooth and well looked after so it was an absolute pleasure for me to offer love and gratitude in this way. I remember wanting to use a range of massage techniques but he was gently moving away after some time, I felt he was possibly overwhelmed or embarrassed by my gesture. He thanked me with his eyes and I smiled because I knew I would pick up this act another time. This person often makes appearances in my dreams and we always have lots of fun together. I feel he is deeply connected to magic.

Example: F. was kneeling behind me and began to massage my spine. This was an extraordinary experience because it felt that where she touched my flesh, or rather where she produced some pressure on my flesh, I could feel the nervous impulse cascade through my body. It was literally as if I could feel it passing from one set of nerves to another to another and another, cascading through different sections of me. I could feel that where my body was touched it connected with different parts of me, physical and psychological. I could see that F. was moving on too fast so it was stimulating other areas and other responses. So I asked her to slow down so I could explore what was stimulated by touching one area.

It is amazing how different parts of the body respond. I explained to F. that each time she touched there was a ripple through my whole body. I said this because she was moving across different areas too fast. The same one place could produce a prolonged enough response to discover what that part of the body connected with physically and psychologically. Then I asked her stay in one place, to keep the pressure on one area. When she did this I began to feel that the particular spot being pressed connected with my throat and my rectum. It has links downwards and upwards. I could also feel a small part of the brain lit into action as it was pressed.  As this was happening I began to feel that nature erected self-awareness because it was so wonderful for life itself to look back at itself and develop further understanding. It had the possibility of working with the other creatures, of being a part of the processes of life on earth. We could work with forces of nature. Instead of that it has become a sort of self idolatry thing. You know, look how great we are. Let’s do this for us! It is like that awful advert – “Because I deserve it!”

I asked her again to stay on one place so I could see if it were possible to explore the connections.  “I can experience this impulse going right into my brain. But it is also going straight down into the cellular level of my being. It seems to be stimulating different responses that my being is capable of. It is calling them into play artificially. I suppose it is like playing notes and causing a piano or musical instrument to respond in certain ways. So in a way it is like exercising my being. I can feel a part of me coming alive in some way. It makes me wonder what this conscious self of mine is; what part it plays in the body. It is lovely to feel it as part of all that is happening in my body at the moment.”  There is something going on in my body that I am barely aware of yet. Areas of sensitivity are touched that connect with past experience. Therefore the touch connects with those areas, with those feelings, with those memories. It goes on and on because those memories connect with habitual responses and the other levels of myself. F. was pressing on the lower part of my spine where I think there was not much sensation. But it was bringing about the response in which my body wanted to groan and move. There was no pain attached to this it was simply an impulse arising from the pressure on that area of the spine. I allowed the moaning gasping sound to be expressed. I could feel the memory that was being touched and stimulated linking right back into the womb. A distinct sense arose that my body was just being formed – that I was just forming my body. As I was doing this things happened. I could feel my body as an integrated whole. The moaning struggle went on, deepening. I began to make baby like noises. As this happened I experienced complete helplessness with the overriding feeling of not being able to move. Like a tiny baby that did not yet have the capacity to move its own limbs because of the impact of full gravity. I knew in some way that this was how I felt when I was born. I couldn’t move and was completely inert and dependent. Completely without an ability to do anything for myself. There was just a big hunger.

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