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Might refer to wondering how long – days and weeks – something will happen. The amount of friends you have is often used as a measure. Comparisons are an awful measure, because you often compare yourself with someone who you believe is better than you. But that is not how Life sees you. You are the survivor of countless lives of your predecessors; you are also the winner if the enormous effort of conception. Also you are a life form, and living example of life. Life is a miracle no one has understood. We might clone life, but we cannot create it. So you are a miracle with enormous untapped potential – so stand up straight and be proud. How ‘big’ something is in life. How you measure up to your own or other people’s expectations?

 Example: “I know this may sound strange, but the most powerful thing for me was that I realised I am alive. The realisation was accompanied by the sense of being life. I now know I am life and life is not just a chemical reaction or a set of biological drives or responses. As life I am always exploring, reaching out, becoming, learning what I am capable of and what I am. Just to exist is itself a great pleasure and miracle.”

To quote from Edgar Cayce, “The fact that man’s body is a speck of dust on a small planet leads to the illusion that man himself is a small creation. The measure of the soul is the limitless activity of mind and the grandeur of imagination. No soul takes on flesh without a general plan for the experience ahead. The personality expressed through the body is one of many that the individuality might have assumed. See Edgar Cayce

How do we measure success in our life? Many people who are seen as successes often commit suicide or are depressed, despite their riches. Being a success is probably learning how to integrate the many aspects of yourself, to have working relationship with your inner life, and so find an expression that is a reflection of the deeps in you. What we call ‘love’ is not a measure of success. Love in our culture is a terrible merry-go-round which can throw you off at any moment. Look around at the many, many failures. See Beware of LoveLife

 Example: A shoe salesman had me take off the shoes and measure my feet. The measuring device showed the same size that the shoes are, so I was baffled as to why they were suddenly pinching.

Shoes represent your present attitude or chosen way of life. The dream is saying you need a bigger view of what you are doing, because you present attitude is not fitting you.

Useful Questions and Hints:

How do you measure yourself- by money – good looks or lack of them – success?

What does your dream say about measurement?

Are you proud that you are a living survivor of countless generations of forebears?

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