The ability to perceive the subliminal and usually imperceptible parts of your nature, and sensations. Possibly an insight into the cellular processes of your body; the intricate workings of your mind, or your usually hidden feeling responses – depending upon what you are looking at through the microscope.

Introspection; extended cellular perception; making mountains out of molehills. The ability to look within yourself at the usually imperceptible parts of your nature and mind.

The world seen through a powerful microscope or telescope is very different, and our senses only show us very limited aspects of the universe that can be enhanced by such instruments.

If we were the size of an atom, or even a molecule for instance, reality would appear completely different to us. The incredible speed with which we, as an atom, interact with our environment would give us a totally different view of time and space. Years of activity for our atomic self would be only a second of time to our bodily self.

The eyes only ‘see’ a small part of the light spectrum; the ears a small part of the sound octaves; and you cannot look into the depths of your body or mind, as a microscope might; nor can you gain a broad view of the galaxies and what they hold – you do not know what is going on around you or within you except in your dreams.

In fact our consciousness is capable of being a high-powered microscope with a range of optic lenses that can be manipulated to suit the individual eye or the matter being observed.  There are worlds within worlds and you hold them all within you and can be conscious of them.

Dreams express a contact between ones individual sense of identity and the living consciousness of our total environment. So the dream process is creative in that the individual experiences contact with the process of life, and can learn to relate to it more effectively. Also out of this contact emerges a creative response in action, emotion, art, speech, music, dance etc. In this area the dream acts like a microscope or telescope, through which the dreamer can literally explore the cosmos or the depths of their own psychobiological being. This has all the characteristics of the deepest of spiritual experiences.

 Example: I see like a zoom lens and I’m coming closer to a corner under the eves. A red and white thing is all messed up in a heap there and I feel terror. I think, “I don’t want to see.” It’s like my childhood memories and it will scare me or be too ugly to look at. But as I come closer, it changes into a sweet kitty and it sits there looking at me. I feel better now. The place is dusty and cold and long forgotten, except for that cute kitty.


Useful Questions and Hints:

Have I ever experienced seeing more than my eyes usually allow?

Did I see through a microscope – what did I experience?

What did I realise as I explored the strange world?

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