Beyond the personal; often associated with riches of some sort. The struggle to get there – to be a millionaire.

It may refer to past ages – millions of year ago – and so reflect realisations of you inner history. You are the survivor of ten million generations of ancestors, struggling, developing new strategies, on the heroic journey from the earliest mammals to your life today.

Example: It appears that I and T are going to inherit or receive a huge amount of money – several million dollars. I am trying to clear out some more space in the garage. I have a set of table saws that I should get rid of, but can’t quite seem to give away. (I am going to have a lot more energy, but I can’t seem to get rid of a part of me that likes to cut things up/make cutting remarks/be critical.)

Useful Questions and Hints:
Am I seeking to be a millionaire?
What does the million refer to in my dream?
Do I ever feel my past reaching back into the far past?
See Jesse Watkins Enlightenment – Energy Sex and Dreams – Edgar Cayce

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