The illusions we sometimes chase out of our thirst or hunger for something, perhaps love or wealth. See: Desert.

An image or belief that promises satisfaction of some sort but if followed gives no reward. Or it may be that rather than darkness, one is haunted by the dreams of ideal and wonderful love that only lead one on to misery – a sort of chimera or mirage that tempts but provides no reality.  

One might be the chaser of rainbow ends and mirages, and change to one who can accept an imperfect world, ones own imperfection, and take cups of water with shaking hands. To take my place as a man among humankind – not the saints. When those Saints go marching in, I am not to be among their number.

 Example: Some children are going to show me the “life thing.” They pull me into a room and are going to stand me up on a short platform but I want to be more important or higher, so I insist I stand on a dresser. I hold my arms up in the air and then notice a clingy sensation around the fingers of my left hand. I pull it down to look at it and am appalled. A thick spider’s cocoon is wrapped around them and spider eggs are in there and hatching! I squirm to get it off me, and then I see there are snakes wrapped around me and termites or maggot insects on me. It is all nightmarish and scary and disgusting. I wish I’d never been so arrogant as to want to be higher. The children knew this and see I’ve learned my lesson and help pull off the snake. There is a strong sense of life among the decay – the seamy side of life. Barb.

Example: A powerful wave of emotion flushed through me leading me to bang on the floor with anger and frustration. I was shouting out that I was pissed off about forever chasing a carrot or rainbow and never getting the reward. A fucking carrot dangled to keep the workers labouring on until they are too old to work. And at the end of it no satisfying reward for their life of labour. They are just dumped. If it isn’t sex that is dangled as the reward it is financial riches or some dream. Politics, religion, all dangle these dreams in front of us and give nothing – just a fucking mirage. Nothing real at the end of it.


Useful Questions and Hints:

In the dream was I chasing a mirage or aware of its temptations?

Was the mirage offering water or sexual satisfaction?

Have I been chasing a mirage in my life?

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