Narrow Narrowly

We can in our dreams have vast horizons or narrow horizons, and so you need to ask yourself what is meant if you dream about a vast horizon, and what state of mind is indicated by narrow horizon. It can suggest narrow minded; limited choices or view; feeling restricted by a set of beliefs or theories, or your sensory perceptions or intellectual understanding. Sometimes it indicates fear of going beyond ones narrow boundaries, or the narrow focus of self we know in our daily life. Limited movement in any but one direction. Limitation of choice. 

If you are trapped in a narrow tunnel it can sometimes indicate memories of your birth struggle. See  

As the throat is the narrow channel through which we express or repress our emotions and reactions, it can become a site of great tension or pain, or of intense pleasure. See throat

Dreams often show the dreamer narrowly escaping from some danger. But it is usually they are avoiding meeting a conflict or fear that they need to address. See

Sometimes a dream might be showing the dreamer in a tight, narrow or restricting situation. This is might because the person feels like their work is trapping or imprisoning them.

But dreams cannot be described by the narrow and superficial conceptual model used in academic psychology.


Useful Questions and Hints:

Am I trapped or finding release from the narrow thing?

Can I identify with the feeling of being restricted or not appreciated?

Do I ever feel imprisoned by others, the situation or even myself?

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