Natural feelings; being uncivilised, feelings without too much social restraint. See: aborigine; black people.

A native in a dream probably means you are in touch with the natural world and honour it as part of your life as many native people do.

The native may also be a link to relating well to your own nature energy and motivations.

The modern western adult is often very much out of touch with the life giving processes within them and may feel isolated and often ill at ease in the world. The black figure in dreams, or the native, can give us a much needed connection and balance. It can also be an image of less sophisticated parts of you.

Thus the native in a white person’s dream may represent a level of our mind or consciousness that does not differentiate and separate things in the same way our conscious rational mind usually does. This native, natural or archaic stratum of consciousness produces a sense of being connected with the mysterious spirit of life itself, and so has a sense of sharing life with all the creatures around it. It also gives insights into the wisdom learned through collective human and animal experience. The native would suggest contact with the insights, intuitions or influences arising from such a source. But being aware of this ancient starts of our awareness usually takes place within the person who has been born and influenced by western culture. So one cannot simply ‘go native’ mostly because the native within still sees things in symbols, and unless these are brought into the modern mind and understood can lead to a loss of real perspective. See important

Some people are born a native to this underneath world, the place inside us. They understand and move easily in it and know themselves as part of a larger life. See the unconscious


Useful Questions and Hints:

What did the native give or tell me?

Did I understand the symbols of any ritual shown?

Was there a change in the way I felt?

Can I move easily in the world within me?

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