If the dream includes networking it suggests your connection with other people and how you are interacting, how well or badly the relationship is going. It can illustrate the subtle connections and communications that take place between you and others. For some people it will probably link with business activities and hopes to increase the cope of heir influence or sales.  

We each have a network of family, friends, and acquaintances, including ancestors, who make up our inner self, and we may explore this in our dreams.

It can often indicate our mind/brain, which is a flashing loom of connections, a constantly moving wonderful network of links between billions of cells. This flashing creative network that constitutes the miraculous background to our responses, our feelings, our thoughts and spontaneous fantasies and dreams, is constantly forming patterns from the multitude of experiences we have. It forever tries to match these patterns against what is already known or learned. Our mental and emotional associations with the images dreams use is largely an unconscious network where images are simply a point on a map, that if carefully studied, has links with uncountable places on the map.

 Example: Dreamt I was watching two people walk away from me. They were either naked or stripped to the waist. One was male the other female. I noticed there were lines on their back. I wasn’t sure if the lines were drawn or real. Whatever, they were like seeing the whole network of veins near the surface of their back. If they were not drawn, then something had made the veins very visible. I wondered if the people had an illness.

Example: The answer came in a wholly unexpected form. Something began to emerge from the distant darkness in my dream. It looked like some kind of living molecular model or mathematical equation — an extremely complex, three-dimensional network of fine lines and symbols glowing in neon orange. It continued to unfold itself, multiplying, constantly changing, filling up the Universe with increasingly complex structures and interrelationships until it literally went beyond me.

I awoke with wonder, excitement and delight, and a renewed and deep respect for the awe and splendour of the Universe. It was as if I had glimpsed the invisible relationships connecting all things. Quoted from Adventures with the NovaDreamer by Keelin

Remember that without food – the bodies of other living things – you could not exist. You need the air and the sun. The clothes you wear and the house you live in were made by other people. So your life is a part of a huge network of connections with other people and with life.

The internet is a huge network connecting millions or people and pieces of information, so in a dream can indicate contact with your Collective Unconscious, a vast unity of consciousness, where you can find answers to your pressing questions, and also introductions to the wonder of your inner world. Inner World

Other networks we are all involved with and maybe entangled with is that of government and religion. These networks can aid or destroy people. In almost any living thing, life and growth means adding cell to cell to attain a certain shape or size. Even in crystal there is a form of growth and extension. This is fundamental to all life forms, the attainment of structure or integration.


These forces have acted upon human beings and can be seen as factors in the growth of what I have called super-organisms. This has already been said in another way. But if one carries this concept forward and applies it to what is happening in or to human society today it helps to form an interesting picture. In the past nations constituted one of the greatest of these super organisms or networks. However, nationality and religion had parallel influence in the activity of a social network.

I saw an influence in action to press human society into ever greater super-networks. These either evolve into functioning new forms, or fail and breakdown. The push toward a new level of complexity and size is integrating technology. It is digesting it or interiorising it as an integral part of its new organisation and size. The jump to a vastly greater size is enabled by the technology it incorporates. So if we take human beings as the cells in the body of this huge super-network, they constitute the living soft tissue, but the nervous system are being formed of the computer driven information and control highways emerging at the moment. And if we are not blind, we will recognise that the equipment we have created is part of our greater body now. Still more though, we must recognise that the huge organism we are incorporated into is more than we are ourselves, just as the body is greater than the cell, If we can see this then we may also recognise that as a human being we may be driven by urges arising in us that are not from out of our own isolated mind – because our mind is not isolated. Overall our direction arises in large measure from the drives pushing the super organism, and the direction of society is created by the direction of the super-network. See Programmed


Useful Questions and Hints:

What network does my dream connect me with?

What does my dream indicate about a network?

Did the dream indicate any feeling or insights?

What do I understand from the dream?

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