Fear of getting ‘hung up’ on something or somebody; fear of a trap – or desire to trap. Sometimes a threat of death or meeting the feeling of dying.

If noose around neck: feelings about death; unconscious – repressed – emotions that are causing a full expression of oneself to be held back by tensions in the neck, feelings of being strangled.

 Example: A man barged into a room and tried to put a noose around another man’s neck. The idea was to slap the horse with the rope tied to it, and drag the man after it.

Example: Also at some point it seemed that my son had either hung himself, or he had been violent with the other children and while he slept they put a noose around his neck and suddenly pulled him upwards. But I was able to replay this part of the dream while semi awake and change it to a situation where my son was not actually killed.


Useful Questions and Hints:

Was the noose a threat of was someone hung?

What were my feelings in the dream?

Do I feel, or fear being caught or trapped by something?

Is this a fear of death in general?

Do I desire to catch or trap something?

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