Feeling a ‘nut’ suggest you see yourself as foolish. A nut can indicate nourishment or wisdom that needs work to get at its kernel. Sometimes used to say someone is crazy. A nut can also be a seed so represents potential. Nuts can represent humanity: the kernel, or soul, is encased by the shell, or flesh and bone. Nuts are also goodness hidden in a hard shell, so represent truths or realisations that were worthwhile working at.

A nut to crack means a problem to solve, or in a nutshell suggests wisdom or information put in a compact form.

The nut on a bolt suggests something that holds things in place, a fastener or indicator of security. So a loose nut could say that there is an impending problem if what it secures comes loose.  People use ‘nuts and bolts’ to mean the working of everyday life.

 Example: I remember as a little girl being able to float upwards and I still dream of soaring upwards at different times, but I have always questioned this in myself and stopped believing I did that as a child. As an adult I thought I was nuts,

Idioms: a nut case; drive you nuts; everything from soup to nuts; go nuts; health nut; a nut; nut bar, nut case; nut house; nuts about; nuts and bolts; nutty as a fruit cake


Useful Questions and Hints:

Do I eat nuts often?

What does my dream suggest about nuts?

What sort of nut was it and what associations do I have with it?

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