Oar Oars

The personal energy and skill used to direct our way through the ‘waters of life’, therefore your feelings and social atmospheres and situations; word play for whore; phallic because of its in and out motion. So it is your personal power or skill you use to move through and survive the flow of feelings, social atmospheres and troughs and waves of life situations. Having oars can mean feeling in control in the midst of emotional challenges.

 Example: I’m a young woman standing on a sea shore. I am waiting for my man. I hear the oars in the row locks of a boat, then it comes into view. A man comes to me, and puts his arms around me like he’s known me all my life. My man pauses, turns his head to a man still in the boat and says – Tell them this is it. Phillipa.

Example: I dreamed I was afloat in a rowboat, drifting without oars and wondering helplessly whether or not I would drift ashore or out to sea. I awoke still drifting helplessly with the tide and nowhere near land.

To reach land would represent security that the young man lacks. The sea shows his relationship with the unplanned and unprepared for life situations that he is not capable of meeting without oars. So instead of having the ability to make his own way, he will be moved by circumstances – the tide.

Boat without oars: Ill equipped to deal with the situation you are in. A loss of motivation and being subject to external events to direct your life. So this might point to indecisiveness or lack of initiative.

Having only one oar: Trying to row with only one oar, may suggest your need for a partner or mate. Or mean that you are skilled in sculling, a skill in being independent and directing ones own life.

Idioms: Stick ones oar in; rest on one’s oars.


Useful Questions and Hints:

What was happening with the oar or oars?

Was it me or someone else using the oar(s)?

What was the situation on the water?

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