There are several possibilities and they depend upon your own self image. The extra weight might be a defence against anxiety or feelings of inadequacy. The fat person or weight might indicate robust health, jolly feelings, or sensuality.

In some dreams, especially males, a very large fat woman indicates the enormous power of the basic sexual impulse, and often links in some ways with feelings or difficulties with the mother. In such dreams there may be a mixture of nakedness, obese sensuality, child like feelings and need.

Fatness can also indicate ‘weight’ as in ‘throwing ones weight about’.

Fatness can also relate to your own self image and how you feel about yourself and your health. A critical self image – whether you are carrying extra weight or not – can ruin the way you relate to other people.

Sometimes this is a health dream suggesting changes in diet, but it need not be about being overweight. Once again it can be an expression of how you see yourself rather than a physical problem.

Example: Then Dr. X leaves. I’ve discovered that he’s not really a counselor but an excellent con artist who is good enough to be a counselor but does it for kicks. He hears crying in a room as he passes. He peeks in. A fat woman is crying. There are 4 women nearly naked. Dr. X (now looks like Peter O’Toole), looks interested in the situation. He very soothingly goes to the women and starts counseling them. As he subtly gains their confidence, he edges into the bed with them and lays his head on the pillow which is the huge bra of the fat woman. He smiles like a Cheshire cat. His arms are behind his head and one knee is crossed over the other, very relaxed and happy. The women cry out that a man had offered to make love to them and they’d just found out he was a fairy. Now they won’t be able to have babies, which is why they were going to all this work of making love. He was “balling them blind” and he lied! They’ve been had and used.

Becoming fat: This might suggest something about pregnancy, or carrying ‘more weight’, or even your critical view of yourself.

Idioms: a fat lip; chew the fat/ chew the rag; fat cat; fat chance; fat lip; it ain’t over till the fat lady sings; the fat hit the fire.


Useful questions and hints:

Am I carrying a heavy burden or worries?

Does this indicate how I defend against feelings of inadequacy?

Is this dream about health, happiness and sensuality?

Am I simply worried about my own physical weight?

Are there indications of this dream being about health?

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