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This can indicate feelings about or relationship with work, feelings about authority or self expression in the world. It can also suggest a businesslike or efficient attitude, something you are going to work at efficiently.

Sometimes it is related to relationship, love, betrayal and all the other feelings associated with love. This is because of the many office love affairs that occur.

An office is also a place where all manner of work or business takes place, it is a place where a  great period of time can be spent, so you may dream about it in many ways. See Plot of the Dream and Settings in Dreams as these can help in deciphering your dream meaning.

An office can also be a place that distracts us, perhaps because we are sexually stimulated or because of attitudes we take that are not really who we are. Your dream might suggest work to be done, business affairs, accounting, discipline, order, and organisation. It could point to frustrations or problems at work. Sometimes it is the main centre of activity within a larger building.

 Example: I went to an office in Tottenham Court Road. Then I woke up in bed in the office. A woman was in bed on my left. I was about to get up, and she said for me to touch her breast before I got out of bed. I did so and drew near to her, but thought it would all end in sexual intercourse, and I didn’t want this to happen. Next thing, I was at the door of the house I used to live in, trying to unlock it, but I did not have the right key. In fact the keys were for a different house entirely. I was in a dazed condition and someone else opened the door for me. I realised that I had only just awoke to this part of my life after a lapse or split of some weeks, where I lived in a different house and a completely different life. I knew this had all happened before, unknown to me. I could still remember the woman in bed, but I did not wish to explain this to anyone, and made out I had total loss of memory.

In this dream the dreamer was obviously feeling desires for a woman where he worked, but had huge reservations about it. Unlocking the front door can also be seen as another attempt to ‘enter’ the woman, but he didn’t have the key – yet another sexual symbol. But his struggle could have been released if he had realised the difference between his inner dream life and his desire for an actual woman. See Dreams are a reflection of your inner world and Summing Up

 Example – A man dreamt about a grey, dull office. When he looked at what he said about the office, he rephrased it by saying, “The dream depicts the grey unimaginative social environment I grew up in after the second world war. It shaped the way I now think, and I want to change it toward more freedom of imagination and creativity.

Example: I was working in an office. An old boyfriend turned up in a sports-car and asked me to get in. I tried but couldn’t as it was low and I had a bad back. I told him I was married anyway but was wondering if I should have an affair. I left to avoid an office party. A security guard stopped me and said I had turned the wrong way.

 A lover, you feel, would be stooping too low, and against your principles. This causes you to hold yourself back until you ache. Even the security guard is suggesting you are going the wrong way about this. So stop and listen to your back-ache, to your dream. What are your feelings telling you? You may be pulling away from people, you need.


Idioms: branch office; run for office;

Useful Questions and Hints:

What was your connection with the office?

Was there any suggestion of a relationship in the office?

Have you worked in an office – and what was you memories of it?

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