Old Age and Dreams

Studies of people’s dreams over 70 show clearly that women whose life has revolved around caring for the family as they age, they often cannot get a wider view of their life and so might sink into depression or loneliness. For men of a similar age it was found that their only experience was working and the stimulus of work. So they too could suffer. See: age and dreams.

It is clear from the findings that men and women who have an interest other than their children home or work can remain healthy and active longer. The interest can be anything that brings delight and satisfaction. It might be an interest in caring for or clothing grandchildren, photography, travel, writing, artwork, gardening or music. It doesn’t matter as long as it is something you can get satisfaction from. But of course sometimes it is hard to start when you are already in late ages, so it is better to reach out for other interest early in your life.

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